Closed: Mackie MP-240 Dual Hybrid IEMS with hard case
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I bought these iems a few years ago and used them on a trip, but they have very low total hours on them, probably less than 20. Since they are intended for professional use, these are focused more on detail rather than going for extra warmth or more of a thumping bass. They are "hybrid" because they utilize a balanced armature driver and a dynamic driver in each earpiece.

The iems are in excellent cosmetic condition and will ship inside the original small hardcase, with the cable and the original assorted silicone and foam eartips. Note: the cable does have some memory wire, but I found it much easier to deal with compared with that of a Shure iem.

Price is firm (which means do not send PMs with offers, ridiculous or not), but shipping and PayPal fees are included. If interested, please send a PM with your PayPal email, and I will send a request through PayPal.

Mackie product page if you want more info.

Listed by: SDBiotek (61)
Listed: 2023-07-09
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