Sold: Lampizator Atlantic 3 TRP Dac w/ Volume Control and Engine 11
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SOLD: Lampizator Atlantic TRP 3 SE dac recently refurbished and upgraded from a TRP 2, with the Engine 11 and USB JL "Superclock Sandwich" upgrades, making it the same as a TRP 3. Great sounding dac in excellent used condition. SE Volume Control model with two analog faux XLR outputs (not actually balanced). Comes with everything that the original came with -- remote, power cord, manual, (transferable) warranty through *8/31/24* and the lightly used tubes that came with (for A-stock Sophia KT88-ST Long Life pair, add $125). The TRP can be run as a preamp directly to an amplifier(s) or powered speakers, which offers a very clean and appealing sound that many prefer, or through a separate preamp. Selling because I upgraded to the Lampi Golden Gate 3. The dac will be shipped in the same well cushioned double box that Lampi used (photo)

The Engine 11 upgrade applies what was learned in developing the $45,000 Horizon dac, released earlier this year, and offers a significant sonic improvement. See

Notes: 1) The TRP comes with three European Stacore footers, as seen in the photo. I had Lampi remove them to allow easier use of other isolation devices (e.g., AV Roomservice EVP and Graphite Audio Premium Isolation Cones). If you wish to reinstall the Stacore, the case's top is not difficult to remove.

2) Lampi's approach to modifying the backplates to show the upgrade changed as the process developed last August. Mine only got a new product card (at least one other got a new TRP 3 backplate). Lampi NA says Poland is now making Engine 11 stickers to add, and I'll include it or have it sent to the buyer depending on when it arrives. It'll probably look something like the one on the back of the Golden Gate (photo).


Reviews: The Engine 11 upgraded Lampi's haven't been professionally reviewed yet, but one upgrade owner described the results as follows:
"It’s not really valid to make any assessments compared to the engine 53 version after only a few hours, but one thing I did notice immediately was a naturalness and easiness to the sound that seemed a step up from before."

And then a few weeks later...
"While I don’t have anywhere near 200 hours yet, I was finally able to do an extended listening test yesterday. Midway through I noticed the TRP to really “open” up. Sound has been getting more expansive from treble to bass. Noticed that the front wave of drums and bass has a real kick to it—you can feel it more. Midrange has nicely fleshed out while still very articulate." (and page 104)

In addition, here are TRP 2 reviews,
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