Kinera Gleipnir Modular Upgrade Cable (2.5+3.5+4.4) for IEM, 6N OCC with gold plated, 8 core 3-dimensional braided, 0.78 2pin
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Sound Character:
Compared with Baldr original 4 core OCC with gold-plated cable, Gleipnir ,the upgraded 8 core one, retains the original sound character of high resolution, strong atmosphere and bright. The internal structure of the wire base and metal content of the plug-in parts have been changed through scientific process technology to expand the sound stage. At the same time, improve high-frequency extension, strengthen the overall upgrade of sound dynamics, transients, density and other sound qualities, bringing you a wonderful listening experience.

Gleipnir has a compact replaceable plug design, equipped with 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm copper with 24 carat gold plated plugs, to meet the requirements of the popular players in the market, just change as you like. The internal connection is a 4-pin 6N OCC and OCC with silver plated mix conductor, so that the audio signal can be transmitted more stably and quickly. Kinera customized 0.78 2pin interface is with long service life

Plug External & Cable Splitter Metal Part:
The plug external &cable splitter metal part are made of lightweight aluminum alloy. The surface is coated with anodized technology, which can effectively prevent the shell from scratch due to friction. It looks perfect even has been used for long time.

Protective Skin:
The cable is covered with high-grade PVC, which is skin-friendly, soft, and wear-resistant. It avoids the stethoscope effect caused by the hard wire. Whenenver and wherever you are, just enjoy it.

Specifications: Material: 6N OCC with gold plated
Braid way:
8 core 3-dimensional braided
8 cores
49 strands of 0.06mm(diameter)per core, total 392 strands per cable
Cable skin material:
Plug: 4 pin detachable plug, 3-in-1 premium plug metal kits
Plug material:
Copper with 24 carat gold plated
Plug internal connection: 6N OCC+ OCC with silver plated mix conductor
Cable length:
Cable structure:
litz+ multiple structure+ twisting strands
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Listed: 2024-03-19
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