Sold: IER-Z1R (Recently Opened, 2024)
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I am selling my recently bought Sony IER-Z1R.
It's in perfect condition as I only listened to it for about 5 hours. It just wasn't for me anymore. I reminisced and recklessly bought it as I once owned it. My current setup works well without it, unfortunately.

Asking for $1200 including Shipping for CONUS (international pays extra).
I have it up on r/AVexchange and I have 2 confirmed trades there.

No trades.

If this post is still up and is not Closed, they are still available.

So I ignorantly bought the Z1R from Moon-Audio as I was originally going to buy a DAP from them, but I found out after buying and wearing that they do not do returns on IEMs lol. Like the people in the Watercooler thread said, don't buy on impulse. Don't buy without demo'ing. Curse these fond memories of these amazing IEMs... Please no low-balling. It's already $500 off and it's 5 hours new.
Listed by: JLP415 (1)
Listed: 2024-01-11
Last edited: 2024-01-19
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