Purchased: Hybrid IEM Cable - Like 8W Eros II or Liquid Links Martini 2-Pin/4.4m
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Looking for something like the Eros II 8W I bought here recently - a Liquid Links Martini would do as well.

A vodka martini would be nice, but won't suffice.

Has to be 2-Pin - prefer 4.4m balanced - but will consider 2.5m.

I have a couple of IEMs that the hybrid sounds really good with - my Eros II is hooked up to a new pair of Noble K10's and really matches up well. When I got them, I first used the stock cable - thought I had made a huge mistake - but swap the cable and WOW. That is what they can do...

*An Eros II+ (22awg) might be an option as well

Let me know what you got :)
Listed by: Ivabign (185)
Listed: 2023-03-03
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