Closed: High Efficiency Speakers-Audio Nirvana-12 inch/-vintage reclaimed cabinets
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Shipping costs have increased a bunch over the past year. Buy local and save a bunch. If you are in a neighboring state consider a road trip to Colorado, get a Great Value and pick them up in Longmont, CO.

High Efficiency Monitors w/12 inch Full Range Drivers in reclaimed and upgraded vintage cabinets. Cabinets have extra bracing and extra thick baffle.

These speakers can fill a large room with great sound. Easy to drive with low or moderate powered amps. You get detail and natural fullness you just do not get with normal bookshelf or stand mounts. You need to spend about $1.5 to $2k a pair to get new stand mount speakers that sounds as big as these. My only reason for selling is a move into a much smaller space. Not to say you can't use them in a smaller room, I have.

The Audio Nirvana 12 inch ferrite driver is an excellent representation of how good your music can sound when it does not have to go through a crossover to multiple drivers. The driver is just about two years old or so. Immediacy, clarity, coherence, scale, sound stage, attack, imaging all are impressive with great single drivers. And since it is high efficiency you can run them with lower powered electronics especially tubes. Driver specs avail on Audio Nirvana site. While AN state 95 db efficiency and we did play them off a 4 watt 2A3 setup in my friends small room, I feel a better match is about 10-20 watts or so, especially if you use EQ on the low end.

Dimensions are 25 in tall x 17 in wide x 12 in deep.

The cabinet is of a reclaimed vintage speaker that was built by one of Klipsch rivals so I am told. It has a new thick and reinforced front baffle and uses heavy internal bracing and new damping material. Port size was calculated for the cabinet volume and driver specs. With this particular monitor sized cabinet, in room response approximately down to about 48 hz. With EQ you can improve lower bass linearity and still have output in the high 30’s. If you wish more output in the lowest octaves, a sub is recommended.

This speaker likes corners for bass loading and height with the center of the driver about ear level. Inputs are the fantastic sounding and secure Cardas Patented Binding Posts with Rhodium over Silver. Decorative grills have been made and are included for those times when you are not listening. They do not appear so “see thru” as they do with the flash pic.

Because the weight of these is about 45 lbs. or more each, local pickup is offered at Longmont, CO.

Shipping is an expensive option.

Enjoy a peaceful road trip to beautiful Colorado

Pay via Paypal wiht no extra fees or net to me crap. Not shipping anywhere regardless of the data field entry.
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