Closed: Hifiman Sundara w/dakoni elite - Price Drop
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For sale a pair of Sundara’s with a new pair of dakoni elite hybrid ear pads. excellent condition. Used the headphone a handful of times and the pads only twice. I will include the original pads, they are also in good condition but have a slight scratch in one of the pads, however they do not go through and do not affect the sound. I am also getting including the new dakoni pads which are more comfortable. Selling bc I just don’t think planars are for me. Includes original box.

$245 includes fees and shipping CONUS.

Thank you for looking.
Listed by: smm11 (7)
Listed: 2022-02-20
Last edited: 2022-02-23
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100+ Head-Fier
I am the second owner of these, however I only had them for about 2 weeks (planars are just not for me). However, I was told they were purchased in 2021. I have the original box which will ship with them if there is something on their that might indicate otherwise.