Closed: Hidition Viento-R UIEMs (no accessories)
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It is with great regret that I am listing these wonderful IEMs for sale. They have been great to me and I’ve enjoyed the tuning switches very much, but I just can’t get them to fit comfortably in my very irregularly-shaped ears no matter what I’ve tried.

These are the Hidition Viento-R universals that come with the 3 tuning switches. I’m definitely not the first owner of them, so I don’t have the original packaging or even the IEM case. I do have the original stock cable, but it’s badly oxidized and not in good condition, so I will not be including it. The original eartips are long gone at this point, but they sucked and made the Vientos horribly sibilant.

I’d like to get $825 shipped for them, but I’m open to offers. Note: these are for the IEMs only. No accessories are included.

Thanks for looking!

Listed by: SilverLodestar (17)
Listed: 2022-05-26
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