Sold: Gilmore Lite MK2 / New Gilmore Power Supply
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This is the famous Gilmore Lite MK2 headphone amp and includes their new $300 outboard power supply. I'm not a big 'outboard power supply' kinda guy, but this power supply is a huge improvement.

I've owned a lot of very expensive headphone amps but I've been very happy with this - wonderful, neutral, detailed, quiet - it's a great amp. I like having two inputs and the volume pot has a really good feel. I'm only selling it because I bought a Benchmark HPA4 (a $3000 unit) to use as a line stage in my main two-channel speaker system and the included headphone amp is crazy good.

I have twenty years of PERFECT feedback at Agon - 'Seattle_Mike'. I'll pay paypal and shipping is a flat $35. It will probably be double that, I'll pay the rest. Ships in original manufacturers boxes.

Both amp and power supply are 10/10.

Sorry, no international sales. Item is priced to sell. I ship same day (or next, depending on how late in the day payment is made). Also - I only ship to registered Paypal address.
Listed by: Jodet (20)
Listed: 2021-09-25
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