Sold: FS: Questyle CMA800r Amp
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Looking to move my Questyle CMA800r Amp.

These are “current-drive-esq” and were made with the HD800s in mind. It added a much desired thickness while keeping all the details. It also worked pretty well with almost all my headphones. (Atrium, Audezes)

These can be run in a pair as mono blocks. Which in my experience did what monoblocks usually do. A bit blacker, more separation, a lot more driver control. A decent-ish difference for headphones but not make or break.

There are a couple minke marks on top from the rubber feet when they were stacked and monoblocked.

$850 OBO
The special Y cable to run monblock is included!
Listed by: Souldriver (21)
Listed: 2022-12-03
Last edited: 2022-12-04
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