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Selling a modded EC Aficionado in excellent condition.

Comes with both Jupiter caps and the feedback mod switch on the back of the amp to switch from feedback to no feedback and vice versa. This is a great feature since it allows to listen with feedback or without. I personally like no feedback the most but it can change with different types of music. The switch was added to the right preamp out on the back of the amp. You can still use the balanced XLR preamp connection on the amp. The modifications were done by the original owner (not me) but was checked out by Craig afterwards to make sure everything was done correctly. I also love the preamp functionality of this and prefer it to the Freya+ that I also have. Please msg me if you want to know more about the modifications.

Comes with the following tubes:
RCA 2A3 (pair)
Western Electric 396a + another one as backup
Mullard AR4 rectifier
RCA 5R4-GY rectifier

Price is $2100 shipped
Local sale is preferred but will ship as I do have the original shipping boxes.

I love EC amps and thought I would keep this forever especially since they are no longer being made but was able to get another one of kind EC amp that's replaced this one and don't need both.
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Listed: 2021-12-01
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