Closed: Fostex TR-X00 (and stuff)
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edit: Keeping… getting ESx____ mod

Fostex TR-X00 $500 shipped, insured, tracking

- ebony cups in okay condition, some scratches
- TH500RP cups, okay condition, a few threads may be worn. As-is, holds just fine, not noticeable unless you’re cup swapping.
- Lawton Audio cups in Mahogany (optional), okay condition, maybe a couple very faint scratches, like TH500RP cups a few threads have worn (from cup swapping and mods on other headphones: EMU teak and Fostex TH500RP, TRX00 is stock minus cups). Mark Lawton told me epoxy works well but is permanent. So, Ive ordered a sticky screw thread filler that is seemingly less permanent, will include (arrives Tuesday). There are other possible fixes (google), like commercial wood filler or slightly fatter screws. $150 to include. Id keep to use with a TH900 if you do not purchase. Reason for sale is TH900 upgrade funds.
- Accessory House lambskin pads, okay condition, some slight tears at outer edges due to pad swapping but shouldnt effect sound, not used a lot, great pads that are a nice improvement over stock subjectively and measured. Ive purchased these pads several times to use with other headphones, they rock.
- Accessory House lambskin pads “new-style”. I purchased a new set to spruce up TRX00 for sale but I recieved a revised version of the AHl pads. Not as good imo.
- stock detachable cable, good condition, slight fraying in some areas, its a loong cable
- TH500RP headband is currently installed. Same as TRX00 headband but different markings. I switched to TH500RP headband because the stock TRX00 headband lost a pivot screw (common issue to Fosters). Unfortunately one of the TH500RP pivot screws rotates fully instead of just 45degrees like stock. Doesnt affect listening, wears properly and symmetrically.
- extras: TRX00 headband, includes the one pivot screw kit. TH500RP cup / headband mount, foam rings, pad rings, and some Audeze style quick disconnects. You could assemble a second headphone if you finish adding drivers with baffle and cable. The one missing pivot screw kit and drivers can be purchased from Full Compass. You can find possibly better aftermarket drivers out there as well... I used the TRX00 originally with one pivot screw missing by attaching the one side with small zip ties. Worked perfectly, and even maintained the 45degree rotation. Still, lots to do to assemble so recommend only as parts.
- Original packaging included
- Smoke free home

Trying to remember everything before posting. Ill update if I missed something. Pics coming.
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Listed: 2021-10-10
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