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I am selling these beauties (the pictures I took with my phone don't do them justice). I bought the Elear from Echo Audio in July 2018 to use as my office phones. Needless to say, they have seen very little use over the last two years.

Excellent conditions (8/10). Sonically like new. No nicks or scratches that I can see. The headband and earpads have no sign of wear. Original Focal cable with TRS plug. (EDIT) I do not have the original box and packaging but I will ship/deliver safely.

The $380 price includes shipping to the 48 contiguous US and PayPal fees. I am open to shipping worldwide, contact me to discuss shipping costs. $30 discount for local SF Bay Area pickup, cash payment.
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Listed: 2022-02-25
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Great price on what is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest bargains in head-fi. I adore my Elears- they are awesome for open-back listening when you want lively, exciting sound without harshness. GLWS!