Sold: FINAL PRICE Burson Soloist 3XP and Composer
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1,350.00 EUR
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Hi, everyone.
Selling the Composer + Soloist 3X stack.
The only reason is I'm downgrading my gear and keeping only a Modi 3+, Magni 3+ and that's it. I don't have time to pursue this hobby.
I bought them beginning of november 2020, so still in warranty (2 more years) and in pristine condition.
I include:
  • Burson cool stand to use the Soloist standing like in the picture.
  • Pair of V6 Classics opamps which I use often with the HD800S in power amp mode for a lusher sound.
Original boxes included.
Shipping included. Paypal fee on the buyer.
I'm located in Madrid. If any head-fier interested happened to be near, we could arrange local pickup.
Shipping to EU only.

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Listed: 2021-06-13
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Hi, everyone.
I'm receiving many PMs from people interested in the Soloist.
The thing is, I don't have a lot of time before I move, and I wouldn't want to sell the Soloist and not the Composer.
So, although I'm willing to sell them to different people, the Soloist sale depends on selling the Composer too.
If I didn't sell the Composer before I move, I would keep the Soloist.
I'm willing to give a really good price for the combo, in case anyone is interested.
Thanks for your interest.
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Pm'd for the pair.


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After a few offers that didn't go through and a lot of checking prices for shipping outside EU (cost is insane and insurance doesn't cover the full value), I've decided to only sell within EU.


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Ok, there are a couple of people interested. One seems to have made his mind but if I haven't sold the pair tomorrow at the latest, I'll retire the listing. I'm leaving this weekend so I have little time.
Thanks to all those who pm'd me interested.


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Sick price for the package! GLWS! If you are interested in selling the classic op-amp at the same discount as the rest I’m interested