Closed: Fiio LC-D silver headphone cable 2.5mm bal. MMCX
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High-Purity Monocrystalline Silver Litz Earphone Cable​

Silver, which in its pure, free elemental form is found in the Earth's crust, is highly prized for its highest electrical and thermal conductivity as well as reflectivity of any metal. It is precisely for this reason that FiiO's flagship cable adopts this material as its core - more specifically, monocrystalline pure silver. Compared to common silver and 925 jewelry silver, the monocrystalline pure silver used in FiiO's earphone cable is of higher silver purity and thus has better conductivity. This means less los when transmitting audio signals over the cable, so that significantly more details are resolved and for a purer audio experience compared to silver-plated copper and even other typical pure silver silver.

This is the 2.5mm balanced version, with MMCX connectors for use with different brands of IEMs, like Shure, Fiio...
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Listed: 2021-06-24
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