Closed: Etymotic ER-4PT (P/S) Mint
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A pair of legendary Etymotic ER-4PT in mint condition is for sale.

This is a spare pair I bought in panic once it was announced that my absolute favorite IEM was going to be discontinued.
I opened the box once to check that earphones were in working condition and kept them in the box in the drawer ever since for the day my first pair stopped working. By now this day has not come (their built is very robust indeed), but I noticed that I turn to my hi-end portable music rig rarely these days, preferring podcasts on my smartphone + wireless earphones when I have occasion to listen to something. It is highly unlikely I will ever need this spare pair, and it is worthy of being used, loved and cherished, so it is looking for a new home.

Package includes all of the original accessories - a P-to-S converter, 3-flange and foam tips, a pouch, spare filters and a filter removal tool, 3.5-6.3 mm adapter, FR certificate.

The earphones are located in Vienna, Austria, can be shipped worldwide by the buyer's preferred carrier and at the buyer's expense.

The earphones were kept in the original box and stored in a closed drawer, away from dust and sunlight at room temperature, in a non-smoking pet-free household.

Private sale, the item is sold as depicted with no warranty offered on my part.
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Listed: 2022-01-20
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