Closed: Drop+Koss ESP/95X
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Probably the most resolving headphone under $1000. If you want stank sub-bass then this headphone is not for you. Even with a +6db bass shelf it's just weird sounding. Although, if you're looking for a glimpse into the resolving power of a multi thousand dollar planar magnetic or "Estat speed." Then this becomes a hole in the wall for a peeping tom. These are becoming harder to find. So, now that I've saved up for an expensive planar, it should move on to the next curious listener. Also, the energizer sounds pretty garbage so I recommend setting it to about 50%, level matching, then preamp it from a desktop amp to control volume. Sounds way better this way. I have some long and cheap RCA cables that will be included along with Dekoni leather pads (stock pads are included too but the Dekonis are far better sounding and more comfortable imo.)

Disclosures: This is a 120V model. This is an electrostatic system and should be responsibly treated like one (read up on safe handling and storage.) The build quality is garbage, but the sound isn't. Shipping and fees are included, and I will send an invoice through Paypal for payment. Prefer CONUS shipping and the unit was last tested as working perfectly on Aug 6th.
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Listed: 2023-08-06
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