Denon D9200
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For Sale  1,230.00 EUR
Excellent/Like new
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Hello guys,

today, i'll set my D9200 up for sale.
Conditions are, as noted, excellent.
It comes with all accessories and cleaned up before putting it in the box.
Bought on Nov, 27th in 2020 from Projekt Akustik in Germany.

I don't want to make money with, so the price is the same what i've paid for on BF sale, with my own discount. :wink:
Invoice on request and within the package.

It's a great set of headphone to fulfill all your needs, but in the end not what i was searching for.

Shipping within Germany takes another 7,49 €.
Within Europe, takes additional 17,99 €, except Switzerland and GB (29,99 €)

Happy to answer all upcoming questions.

I'm not interested in trades.

Have a great day out there.


Listed by: Chris Kaoss
Listed: 2021-03-11
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New Head-Fier
Hi, I was wondering if you were interested in trades?