Closed: Dekoni DT880 or ZMF Ori Pads
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Looking for a lightly used set of ZMF Ori Pads…or Dekoni DT880 fenestrated

would prefer perforated Lambskin but open to other types at the right price :beerchug:

Listed by: marketingsline (82)
Listed: 2021-07-20
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Thanks for ruining my macros for the day. Definitely running out to get a donut after work today.



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I thought to myself…donut ear pads?
Then I think, that would be terrible; I’d be posting in the want to buy section every day!


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Besides the sugar high, the globular sprinkles act as a truly randomized fractal refraction grid, which results in nice crunchy mids with a widely dispersed soundstage.
Would you like a decaf skinny snake oil latte to wash it down?

But seriously I am looking for Ori original or Dekoni DT880 pads.

The Homer in me escaped while I was posting…forgive me :L3000:
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