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The Dan Clark CORINAs are as good as the STAX SR-X9000 and better than the SR-009S. I've owned all three and have kept for last the CORINA.

I'm consolidating now, big move coming, and only keeping my two channel system (and a small headphone system :). I've already sold the Blue Hawaii Special Edition electrostatic amplifier which was truly very good and all that is left now are the CORINAs and the VOCEs.

I did love the electrostatic sound and how open and transparent and detailed it was. My two channel system does all that now, though I will miss my electrostats. ;(

Given how good the CORINA's are this is a very good price, half what the STAX SR-X9000s are and I think that they're better!

Thanks for looking
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Listed: 2023-11-26
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The Corina is my favorite electrostatic HP. I've auditioned the Voce, the entire Stax line up, the Warwick line up, the HE-1, and the Corina is my favorite. Sure the HE-1 is amazing but at 60K, it's a non-starter. $3K is also a really good used price. If my budget wasn't tight, I would pounce on these in an instant. Congratulations to whoever steals these for only $3K.