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I’m selling my Aurender Flow DAC/Amp. It's in great condition, but it will not come with retail packaging. The Flow does include a 1TB SSD, though, which is already installed. I will wipe and format the drive before shipping it out.

The Flow will come with the following items, shipped inside of a Pelican 1050 case:

1TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD (installed)​
2 USB 3.0 SS cables,​
Monoprice optical cable​
Vessel screwdriver​
TRS to RCA adapter​
6.35mm To 3.5mm adapter​
OE power adapter (w/ International Plug inserts)​

PayPal fees and shipping within the CONUS are included in the price.

Listed by: teamjoe (71)
Listed: 2021-07-06
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100+ Head-Fier
It will work as a standalone optical device. There's no need for it to be plugged into a USB, unless you need a power source because you didn't want to run it off battery power.

I bought the Aurender Flow new in October of 2019, so a little under two years old. Thanks!