Closed: Aune X8 DAC/pre-amp (1st gen.) with four opamps
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Compact bang for buck and just super fun to experiment with opamps, built-in filters, data cables and power supplies. Kept me significantly longer satisfied than a Schiit Modi+, Modi Multibit, Yulong DA10 and Audio-GD R2R 11. I've been messing with two of them for easier comparisons but as hobby has come to a halt decided to sell these last pieces.

This one comes with thick approximately one inch high feet to fit larger type opamps like Sparkos. Burson ''reds'' require adjustment still.
Condition is great and complete with box. Just a liiittle paint loss on the top edge of front face. If it wasn't for that it easily qualifies as excellent.

Opamps included:
OPA1612 - LME49860 and stock JRC5532 - OPA2134

The 1612 and 49860 were recently bought from a reputable store for ≈ €25 shipped. Not even 10 hours of use.

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Listed: 2023-09-05
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