Closed: Audio Magic Ultimate Premier Fuses (6.3A)
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Two Audio Magic Ultimate Premier 6.3A small, slow-blow (20 mm) fuses for sale. These fuses improve the sound of components far beyond the cheap OEM fuse. Many consider them better than the SR Orange and Purple fuses.

Audio Magic fuses are made to spec but need careful handling (see the AM site about the rejection rate in production). Note also that the fuses were used with different types of fuse holders, so the labels are not in perfect cosmetic condition, however that does not affect how they work. The amperage value is on the end cap.

A note about specs and fuse values: Many developers already over spec their gear by two to four times to guard against the variety of users and electrical situations. Power conditioners add another level of protection.

$140 each or both for $255 shipped net in CONUS (PP = f/f preferably or fees on buyer). Check my feedback here, Audiomart, Audiogon, Audio Asylum and eBay (genegold99). While I stand behind what I sell, please note that all fuses have been electrically checked. Buyer mishandling is not covered.
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Listed: 2023-01-24
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