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Not much needs to be said about this amp, even in stock form. This upgraded discrete version of the previous 102 Z4. This one is internally dampened, has upgraded VH audio hookup wiring throughout (roughly $100 worth), plus Furutech signal wire. All caps upgraded with Muse/Elna, solid copper core winding wire was used and all components matched during the build. Upgraded copper lugs, Cardas silver solder plus much more. Regular retail on this amp built to your door is roughly $650, sans any upgrades. Roughly $300 in upgrades alone. This amp drove my LS50s with ease and will handle dips below 4ohms without issue. Also drives HE-6 or anything you throw at it. Price includes shipping and PayPal.

Some reviews of the slightly lesser performing predecessor:

This is the new beefier 104 revision. I've sold quite a few of these amps, as I love building them. Many happy buyers and you are sure to enjoy it. Thanks for looking!
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Listed: 2023-11-26
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