Closed: Abyss AB-1266 (original, not Phi)
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1,800.00 USD
Or best offer
Ships to
  1. Anywhere
SOLD for $1,600

UPDATE: PLEASE SEE CONNECTOR ISSUE. It's the last picture, one of the connections to the headphones has come off. Please consider with offers, and I'll search my room/reach out to Joe at Abyss.

I got out of the hobby over a decade ago, time to let someone else enjoy these.

I absolutely had Head-Fi feedback, but it seems to have disappeared along with all the classifieds I posted.

Here is my Ebay feedback. I'm happy to do a phone call with video to show the headphones to serious buyers.

There is what I view as a minor cord kink in the last picture.

Payment via Paypal (at my expense). Must be subject to Paypal seller protection.

Buyer pays for shipping.
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Listed: 2022-04-18
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Headphoneus Supremus
Price drop to $1,900/best.
UPDATE-CORD ISSUE. See first post and last picture. One of the connections directly to the headphones has come off. I'll see if it came off in my room somehow but likely end up contacting Joe at Abyss.

Please consider if you're thinking of buying. Price drop to $1,800 given this.