I brought this over ear headphones around 3 months ago. This Senheiser HD 429 bundled at exactly IDR 800.000 or around $80-$82, a mid class headphones that I buy because of curiosity and I’ve been longing for over ear headphones around that budget as well.





I am quite comfort with the sound quality actually, but I need a little bit power in it’s bass. Recently I’ve found article in the forum that it is possible to do a bit modification to the bass.

So, I did just now. I got an extra punchy bass, together with that I also notice some more emerging details in the percussion and in the higher frequencies sound. For your note, this modification doesn’t impact your mid range frequencies so you still able to here the details as before, you just got extra kicky bass. Here I will teach you how to do this mod step by step.

  • Remove the ear cushions. It’s actually very easy thing to do. You can easily see the plastic lip that holds the ear cushions. You’ll need to reach inside the cushion. Inside, you can find a kind of plastic material, hold it with your middle finger, squeeze and pull out, it won’t break so don’t mind. 

  • You’ll find a grey foam area around the transducer as you can see in the picture. You’ll need to locate the screw that hid under the foam. That actually pretty easy. Total 4 screw are located at every edge of the transducer. You can feel it with your finger tip, just put pressure while you exploring the surface. You will need to rip the grey foam around the screw hole so you can have a visible access to it. Use a handy cutter and cut through the foam on top of the holes and rip it. Be careful not to tear the transducer.
  • Now you have remove the screw you can remove the transducer from it’s seat. Take care not to overdo it because you might take out the cable as well.


  • As you remove the transducer plate, you’ll easily find 3 holes in the back of the plate. It is covered with a black filter paper. 

  • The modification is very simple. Just remove the tape that covering the holes and let the transducers breath. That’s it. Now it’s depends on how you want the bass to be. I read that if you remove all the seal, you’ll have a bass which can outrun Beats HD Headphones but I guess you’ll not be able to listen to the music for a longer time because it would make you dizzy. One holes are enough I guess. I don’t personally know if the 3 holes have any different function, so I just remove the one in the middle. Just make a cut on the side of the holes and pull out the tape. You can put the tape under the hole in case you want to undo the modification.
  • Now the mod is done in one side, you can put it back all the parts and you have to do the same in the other earpiece.

I guess it is done! If you have Senheiser HD 429 or any other Senheiser HD Headphones, you can do this bass modification, all you need to do is to find out how to reach the back of the transducer and you’ll find tape that covering it. Happy trying!

NB: The next modification that I going to try is to create a detachable cable jack in it. It would be very handy if it works.

*UPDATE 22/10/2013

I revert back to it's normal state after quite sometimes. The bass is too strong and kinda tubby perhaps. So I just play with EQ and DAC. I guess that's why Sennheiser put that seal anyway