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Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

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The legend, remastered. The world’s most advanced transportable DAC/Headphone Amp has undergone a drastic redesign - Welcome to Hugo 2. 


Beginning with 26,000 taps back in 2013 with the original Hugo, Hugo 2 now has an incredible 49,152 and uses techniques developed over the past four years to deliver a stunningly clear audio performance, such has never been heard from a mobile DAC/Headphone Amp before.


Hugo doesn’t just deliver better performance and measurements, it’s got all new casework developed by Chief Designer - John Franks, increases PCM support to 768kHz and adds up to DSD512 (Octa-DSD) native playback, now includes four filter options, remote control functionality, increased Bluetooth range, and sports Micro USB charging. 


Available early 2017


UK RRP: £1,800.00



Learn more at: chordelectronics.co.uk/product/hugo-2/











Chipset:                                      Chord Electronics custom coded Xilinx Artix 7 (XC7A15T) FPGA


Tap-length:                                 49,152


Pulse array:                               10 element pulse array design


Frequency response:               20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.2dB


Output stage:                            Class A


Output impedance:                   0.025Ω


THD:                                          <0.0001% 1kHz 3v RMS 300Ω


THD and noise at 3v RMS:      120dB at 1kHz 300ohms ‘A’ wighted (reference 5.3v)


Noise 2.6 uV ‘A’ weighted:      No measurable noise floor modulation


Signal to noise ratio:               126dB ‘A’ Weighted


Channel separation:                135dB at 1kHz 300Ω


Power output @ 1kHz 1% THD:    94mW 300Ω

                                                         740mW 33Ω

                                                         1050mW 8Ω

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So we can have warm/cold but detailed sound by just switching filters?
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I was going to say I am not interested, but 13cm X 10cm X 2cm is very small. So I am interested.

Edit...same size as Hugo. Forget it.
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It looks amazing. 


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So, will there be any difference in the sound quality, between Hugo 1 & 2? To the human ear..
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Must be more powerfull , Like ifi micro idsd.. 


thats bad , ı guess but looks geat.

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Wow. Take my money already, Chord!
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This looks so awesome! Good job Chord!

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This should sound a lot better than Hugo TT... Tap count is almost double and 10 element pulse array instead of 4 elements in Hugo/Hugo TT. Also, the output power appears to be even better.

Remote control! Well, I guessed that bit right.

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What is early 2017?
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Does the Bluetooth support AAC codec or do iOS devices default to SBC?

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Originally Posted by toears View Post

What is early 2017?
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will the poly module work on this new hugo?
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