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Where do you buy your CDs (and other stuff)?

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Just wondering where the best prices for CDs are, since the prices are rising ever so steadily

I've found some good audiophile places online (audioadvisor, amusicdirect, headphone.com, and Meier Audio) but was wondering if there were any other places of note for audiophile jun... i mean treasures
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For music, when I still bought my own music (as opposed to now, when I realize I should rely on other peoples' tastes more than on my own limited one), I used to go to a store called Newbury Comics -- I think it's a Massachusetts-only chain. Has practically no classical music titles and high prices for DVDs, but there are some real steals to be had there for rock stuff.

For classical music, I usually shop online -- better selection, better prices. I'd stay away from buy.com though -- I've been screwed over several times there (although I've made a bit of money off it... pm me if you want to find out how ). Amazon.com is very reliable and has a good selection, and cdnow looks good, although I've never used it.

For audio equipment, I almost exclusively buy used. I can just afford better stuff that way. But for the other items, I buy what I can using shopping.yahoo.com searches -- easier and cheaper than audiophile sites.

For used equipment, the best seems to be here and on Headwize, of course. But barring that, there's always eBay, audiogon, and audioweb.

Why am I rambling on like this? I don't know... but I hope it helped at least somewhat.
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CDs: HALF.com!!!!!!
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I use the ones Kr uses and buy.com

I also use the music club deals from time to time ( bmg music club 10 cd for 1 cd price etc) Done this at least 10 times hehe SUch great deals!@

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For CDs I almost ALWAYS go to A&B Sound. I don't buy CDs over the net, I just go to the store a few blocks away. A&B Sound nearly always has better deals than Future Shop, expect for every once in a while when Future Shop puts a new release on sale for $10 CDN. Most of the CDs I buy are $13-$15 at A&B. Future Shop is usually a dollar or two more expensive. Virgin, HMV, MusicWorld, etc, are all overpriced, especially Virgin. The only reason I even enter Virgin is cuz they have the best selection if you need a hard-to-find CD, and also because you can listen the top [30?] CD's before you buy them.

So my pick is A&B Sound 8/10 of the time. Another 1/10 goes to each Future Shop and Virgin. A&B Sound is the best by far IMO.
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I always try to buy CD's in a bunch and not one by one. 1st I try BMG Music Service to which I'm subscribed. Now they have email notification about your monthly selection that you can refuse immidiately without a risk of paying regular price for some crap. Quite frequently they have real good deals like "Buy one and get 3 free" or "All 50% off" or "Buy one and get unlimited $2.99", etc. So usually there're chances to get what you want real cheap, especially good and multi-volume expensive classics. What sucks is BMG's selection (no PF or St. Mathews Passions, for example).

If I can't find things at BMG I use DealTime. This comparisson service is quite good at music search and allows to find you the lowest price at a single online store for the bunch of CD's. I used to use Half.com but few times I've got burned by scratched CD's and now I'm aware of them.
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I buy CD's from BMG, Amazon.com, a local chain of stores called Harmony House, Best Buy, and a variety of used record stores (especially when I travel).

I buy SACD's from Amazon.com, Harmony House (only one of their stores actually carries them), and just bought a bunch of used SACD's from eBay.
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Usually Amazon.com.
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I purchase at columbiahouse.com. Not cheap for single titles but they regularly have "BUY ONE GET TWO (ONE) FREE". The math is clear here.

During the non-sale period or the title is not a/v there, I use CDnow and Second Spin.

Soundstage has an old article w/ a title like "800-pound gorilla shopping". It's a comprehensive and hilarous review about different shopping sites. But I couldn't find the link.
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Has anyone used Music.com?
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In the future I will definitely use BMG and ColumbiaHouse. [very good deals, and the selection is good enough for me]
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I prefer buying from smaller houses. Here in Michigan we have a few Harmony House stores. I enjoy supporting them because they usually carry a lot of the more adventureous and obscure stuff IN STOCK, as well as all of the popular hits, and heck, I'd miss them big time if they were gone.

But indeed, I do bend on occasion and buy from the local Barnes & Noble out of proximity convenience.
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LPs: www.gemm.com - I've never used it, since my old turntable is so crappy I don't even bother with it. I THINK its auction, not sure, so shipping depends (since there seems to be lots of UK people). Regardless, there are LPs there I NEVER would have thought exsisted...

Cds: Local stores, or internet for the ones I can't find. Place around here called Record Theater gives out these stamps and once you get enough its like 5 bucks off. Add that to the fact that I cruise the used section before anything, I've got one hell of a deal on my hands.
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