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Another note on Audeze (2.2f's) vs. The Q701's... They're more similar than I expected, really. Tight, extended bass, quick mids, smooth extended treble... The only difference being the Q's treble is higher in presence, and drier. I'd look to a closed, super wet can next.

You NEED to audition cans once you've decided to move past mid-fi... You'll learn infinite amounts. I'm young to this hobby and forum, but I've heard more cans than many older members, and driving through traffic for an hour for a ten minute audition even will teach you more than probably 20 hours of reading. DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO GET CANS ON YOUR HEAD!!!
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Have you thought about The bass mod? smily_headphones1.gif
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IMO good advice about trying HPs for yourself and the bass port mod (measurements here:
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