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They are definitely north of neutral in the bass department, IMO.  They hit very hard when driven with my SMSL sApII amp.  However, this should not be taken to mean that they are muddy.  Clarity and instrument separation is probably the best I've heard of any headphone I've tried (I have tried the HD 800s and Beyer T1s, but these demos were a number of years ago, and only for a very brief time).  So I guess, out of headphones of which I have a good memory.  Soundstage is similar to the HP100s, I think, but I had a different amp when I was driving those (Headroom Micro Amp).  I think the 100s and 150s are pretty close in sound signature, but I also think that the SMSL has really opened them up.  If you like neutrality and clarity, but want more bass (again: very clean, hard-hitting bass, not muddy), these are nearly perfect.

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How are these versus the K712/K702 Anniversary Edition?

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Originally Posted by tigim101 View Post

How are these versus the K712/K702 Anniversary Edition?

I listen to a pair of Q701 for a few days, though it was a while back, and the 150 are much different.  The 150 will sound like a bass heavy HP compared to the AKG.  I agree with Marximus that the bass on the 150 is very nice, not bloated, but very present.


I am now listening to a pair of Senn HD700, and have only had them on about 20 minutes.  Very nice, and brighter than the HD650, which is OK by me.  They sound very nice, lots of detail, but I would not call them "fun" - at least comparing them to the HP150.  I would say the same comparing the AKG to the HP150; the 150 just much more fun.


I have never had buyers remorse with the HP150.  They can still be had for $200 or less, and sound great.

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I have the K 550s now, and IIRC, the 702 Anniversarys sound pretty similar:  large soundstage, midrange focused, etc.  But although the soundstage on the 150s is smaller, it sounds more realistic.  It's substantially more engaging, IMO.  I kind of imagine the K 550s as a wall of sound.  You're looking at the music.  But with the 150s, with their fantastic clarity and instrument separation, I feel more surrounded by the music.  They really are something special (although this is my fourth time owning the 100s/150s, so I'm a bit biased, I guess).

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Hi guys are the Audio Technica ATH W1000X Earpads compatible with the SoundMagic H150 ? If yes does it have better isolation , less leakage ? Thanks in advance
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