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New WA7d Fireflies with Two Digital Inputs

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We are thrilled to introduce WA7d Fireflies (Duo), the new version of the WA7. The WA7d accepts both Optical and USB inputs while remaining the same sound and build quality as the original WA7 Fireflies. Pricing and order date for WA7d will be announced shortly.



Increase your source options! Connect the WA7d to a DAP, disc player, XBox, Play Station, or anything you like to.



WA7d Fireflies and WTP-1 CD Transport make a fun desktop combo.



A minimal approach to unlock your music



Also stay tuned for the new tube power supply for WA7 and WA7d.


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April 30, 2014.


The WA7d Fireflies Duo is now available to order. Get yours now!



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I'm using iPad right now but the cables and adaptor looks messy. Your set up with the AK120 is nice. I may have to upgrade my WA7. smily_headphones1.gif
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I was looking to get a WA7. This is it, count me in.
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Darn. When I first saw "Duo" I figured it was the WA7 with a tube power supply. =(
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Need the PS units cost and availability, I have my eye set on this or the HDVA600/D800.

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Still no pre-amp functionality?

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I had already pulled out my credit card before realizing it wasn't the power supply update I had been waiting for.

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Originally Posted by Clemmaster View Post

Still no pre-amp functionality?


Also eagerly waiting for pre-amp functionality. 

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Please bring back the smoked glass option ? :frown:


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I can see that the D/A option has been replaced with optical. Could the WA7d be used as an optical input / RCA output dedicated DAC?

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so... is there any policy for returning the old version of WA7 + some money to get WA7D ? I still have 3 WA7s in stock right now. 

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This still has the built in DAC correct?
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Why don't you retire this amp and make a better one, with an analogue input, preamp output, dac output and some digital inputs. You know, the kind of amp that makes sense. :)

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