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I need help finding a portable amp!

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I listen to mostly heavier electronic music, rap, and hip hop with heavy bass. I am a total basshead. As much as I love quality sound, I really love bloated, powerful, and punchy deep bass. Now, I don't want my bass to be too overpowered where the rest of the music is basically nonexistent.


I just recently purchased the V-MODA Crossfade M-100's. They're very nice, but don't really pack as big of a bass-y punch that people were claiming these things did. I've adjusted my equalizer to allow for better bass, but it really hasn't helped a whole lot. I'm looking for an affordable amp to amp up the bass in my music. The source is just my Iphone 5's MP3 files. So I know the quality isn't very great to begin with. But I've tried these headphones on a youtube video that tests extremely powerful and low bass frequencies for subs, and these handled them absolutely flawlessly. So I know these have the capacity to allow for such bass. Now, how do I get the bass from my music to this level? People suggested I try out the FiiO E11. Would that work for my uses? I basically just want a little more bass. That's all. I'm not looking to spend any more than $100 on an amp. I just would like a little boost. Would the E11 work for what I want? Would it be worth buying it? Is there anything better or more affordable out there? And can anyone suggest any places where I can buy these amps? People have suggested Amazon, but I dislike their return policy. I already stopped at my local best buy and they have nothing. Anyways, I appreciate any help you can provide! Sorry for the word wall!

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What's wrong with amazon's return policy? they even pay for return shipping.


In my experience, sub $200 DACs are no better than the one on your phone, although I guess you can buy a DAC with a bass adjustment.


Iphone 5 has an excellent DAC as it should for that price!



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What do you mean by "DAC"? Sorry, I have no idea what I'm doing! All I know is that these headphones literally have no bass when playing music through my iphone, which is sad because these things have the power to handle amazing bass. So if I don't need an app, how do I turn up that bass??? 

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Out of curiosity, what volume do you play your Iphone 5 at on these headphones?


By any chance is there any way you can just return them and get beats? Audiophiles hate beats, but the reason they dominate the market is that they deliver what most people (including you) are looking for. bass.


Edit: the DAC is the thing that converts data to sounds, it along with your headphone amplifier (the Iphone also has a good one of those) drive your headphones.


One other option is to download an equalizer application from the apps store, and set the bass boost, and bass settings to their max. will that work?

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I listen to them at very high volume. Not max, but up there. I don't really want to get beats because they feel so cheap and they're not worth nearly as much as you pay for them. They also become very distorted at higher volumes. These headphones have the potential to have amazing bass! I tried them out with a bass testing thing. They can handle the most powerful and low bass that most subs can. I love these, I do. Their build quality and looks are amazing. But the sound just needs to be amplified. Especially the bass. If there's no way to do that? Well, then I'm sorry audiphiles, but what you consider "good", is really just over-rated trash. These headphones can barely compete with a pair of $40 skull candy buds. That's truly pathetic. Come on, is there really no way to boost the bass?

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Well if you're maxing out on volume then I guess an amp could help you but be careful with hearing damage. Alpen makes an E17 amplifier that has a bass adjustment, so you could turn that adjustment all the way up, and download a bass boost application from the Itunes store, and that should get you the maximum amount of bass possible with your setup.


The thing about Beats is that they inject bass where it doesn't exist in the music. They'll make swan lake sound boomy.

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Yeah, I don't like that fake-bass feeling. Just like skull candy tried to do with the crushers. I want bass where it's supposed to be. I just want it to be more amplified. And yeah, I've tried all of those equalizer apps, but I dislike having to go to a separate app just to bass boost my music! I mean, my earbuds have excellent bass! They only cost me $100! Why can't these $300 cans with drivers 50X the size have even half the bass that those do? That's what I don't understand. Cans are all junk, in my opinion. They all sound so, well, fake-sounding.
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I have no idea; I haven't tried those v-modas but I heard they had a lot of bass. I guess they don't.



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They have the potential to have bass. They really do. But it's nonexistent. Am I just doing something wrong? It's just so weak! I'm a total bass head, and I rate the bass a 1/10. My friend has a pair of $10 buds with more powerful bass.
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I think Beats are right up your alley. There's a reason they control like 60% of the headphone market. People wants bass and they deliver.

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So you're saying I won't find any ear buds that can supply more bass than my $100 urbeats earbuds? That's as good as music gets? I REFUSE to believe that.
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Kid are you serious?

The m-100 is known by everyone here to have amazing bass. Quality to quantity wise at that price, you won't beat it.

If you think they're nonexistent, either go back to subwoofer loaded cars or get a legit speaker system. You can turn up the sub as much as you want. Blow out your eardrums while youre at it.

Cans are all junk, fake sounding?

You really think that BOOM BOOM BOOM BASS is real sounding? Wake up.

Sorry, this forum is for people who actually want to enjoy music quality, and is directly opposite of music blasting bass heads like you.

So before you come in here bashing the community, check if we're even trying to cover the areas youre after.

Now to answer your question, get a digizoid ZO2. Hope you grow out of this phase before your ears die.
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I haven't tried the beats earbuds, but I doubt any headphone is going to have more bass than a beats brand headphone.

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Originally Posted by Bobby123179 View Post

So you're saying I won't find any ear buds that can supply more bass than my $100 urbeats earbuds? That's as good as music gets? I REFUSE to believe that.

Check out monster turbine pro gold, if they don't have enough bass then we're not worth your time.

And yes bobby,you won't find many headphones that supply MORE bass than your Dr.dre. people who are willing to spend more on headphones usually have more refined tastes.
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I find "flat" music extremely dull and boring. And these headphones are insanely flat. The sound quality really isn't any better than my urbeats. Is it better? Yes. But it sounds incredibly far away. So after you take that into consideration, they don't sound any better. If you have a problem with my taste in music, well, then why post? I'm just giving my honest opinion. The sound quality is good. The bass is lacking, as well as the mids. Overall, they have nice build quality. But they lower ends of the sound spectrum are lacking.
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