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Advice on my first real speaker system

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Hey guys:


I've been pondering this for a while, but I have finally decided to invest in a good speaker set-up. I will be living in a suite-style dorm next year and have been looking to build a relatively cheap, but high fidelity system.


I am looking to pair the Pioneer SP-BS22 LR bookshelf speakers and a Polk PSW10 Subwoofer with a Lepai 2020A+ amplifier. One of my concerns is whether this amp will have a sufficient amount of power to drive both or should I get a different one, such as the Topping TP21 or TP30. Also, I have been wondering whether I should get a DAC to help the entire thing sound better.


I know StratocasterMan here on Head-Fi has a similar set-up. He has the Dayton B652 and Polk PSW10 hooked up to a Lepai 2020A+, but also has a Fiio E17 DAC added in. Would this be necessary or do you think I can avoid this? I'd like to avoid spending any unnecessary funds.


I will be driving this out of my Lenovo Y410p or my Samsung Galaxy S4. My friends will also be hooking up their phones, most of which will be iPhones.


Let me know if you guys need anything else. Thanks.

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The Lepai TA2020 will play moderately loud with the Pioneers for a desktop computer system. The Topping TP21 has the advantage of better components and better power supply. So you would get a little better dynamics out of it and perhaps a bit better SQ, as well as better build quality, but you won't get dramatic differences in volume. With the Topping TP30, you are also paying for its built in DAC.

If you want significantly more volume, you'd have to move beyond the t-amps. In that case, I recommend buying a used stereo or audio/video receiver off of your local Craigslist. An audio/video receiver would also have the benefit of having its own built in DAC, so you could use optical out out from your laptop to it. You should be able to find one for around the price of the Topping TP30.

A Fiio E17 is more than just a DAC. It's also a portable headphone amp. Might you get better sound because of it from your laptop? Sure, possibly. But you'd probably be better to spend your money on a speaker upgrade if you are worried about volume. There are speakers with higher sensitivity ratings than the Pioneers which would get louder (sensitivity is a measure of how loud speakers get with a given amount of amplifier power). For example, these Cambridge Audio S30s.
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If I decide to simply roll with the Pioneers without a sub woofer, would the Lepai be sufficient or would a TP21 be a worthy investment?
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Whether or not you get a subwoofer has no bearing on whether or not you should choose the Lepai or the Topping (see the advantages I listed above).
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If your hooking up phones then I recommend http://www.crystalaudiovideo.com/ProductDetails/Blu-DAC-UK.aspx or something simlar the headphone jacks on phones don't make good line outs they can't meet redbook standard 2vrms and the high ohm load messes with there frequency responce.

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