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Yulong A28

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The perfect partner, I think, for the DA8:


First info here and here with more pics (Google Translate)


Practical Performance: 
●THD+N: 0.0005% 
●Crosstalk >100dB 
●Frequency response:20-20KHz-0.3dB 
●Balance output power :600ohm:400mw 300 ohm:700mw 150 ohm:1.3w 32 ohm:2.5W 
●unbalance output power: 600ohm:120mw 300 ohm:200mw 150 ohm:350mw 32 ohm:800mW 
●Power Consumption: <30W. 
●Dimensions: 250*200*55mm. 
● Weight: 3Kg.


Chinese price


project86 review:

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Looking forward to reviews on this unit.

And just my luck, I had recently purchased the A18  >.<

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Anybody know when it's going to be available outside of China?
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Originally Posted by Viper2005 View Post

Looking forward to reviews on this unit.
And just my luck, I had recently purchased the A18  >.<</div>
Haha there is always something newer around the corner. Stress not.

I saw this in an eBay search. I wonder who will buy one first.
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They have just come onto eBay in the UK and judging by price they aren't a replacement/upgrade for the A18 they sit below them(about £200 cheaper than the A18) but above the A100.How they compare sound quality wise is anybody 's guess at the moment.
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The A28 has been posted on the Grant Fidelity website:


I guess I will have to order one now!!!

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I've asked to Yulong:
"A18 single-ended headphone amplifier, A28 is balanced headphone amplifier.
They are not comparable
A28 is a product with a very high cost/performance ratio. Use the D28 with the D8 is also convenient.
They can not be compared only by the price..."

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Mmmmm,I just purchased an A18,hope I don't get a bad case of buyers remorse because I was not aware of the A28.Strange thing is the newer A28 is $200 cheaper than the A18 as pointed out earlier,so maybe it isn't an upgrade,just a different amp.Very anxious to hear some comparisons. 

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I noticed the A28 is labelled on the front as "Headphone AMP" while the A18 says "Reference Headphone AMP"..

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I have been following this amp on erj from the start.  My impression is that neither amp is better than the other.  They are of different flavor but are of similar caliber.  The A28 costs less because its components are not as expensive.  I suspect it will be an outstanding amp.  Yulong has developed a reputation of putting out a quality product for the money.  Of course, I can only speculate.  Soon enough we will be getting some impressions.  I am anxious to hear.  I would order one myself but I am waiting on the limited edition D8/A8 that I have put a deposit on.  Need to save some $$$ for when they are ready.  A little bird has told me that they could be out sooner than later.  I will get an A28 to go with my DA8 down the road.

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I have just ordered a Bobby from Firestone Audio(in these days there's a 40% discount on the original price for european customers).It has the same opamp as the Yulong A28

(Bobby uses 4 TI – OPA604 ; the A28 uses 2 TI – OPA2604). They may sound similar in comparison.I'll wait to receive my Bobby amp and burn it properly before doing any review here.

I'm really curios to know how the A28 will sound like especially when used in balanced mode.


Let's wait and see

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I'll be getting one of these for review very soon.
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Just ordered my A28.  If the D8 and A8 are ready soon as well it will be an expensive month. lol.  Just couldn't wait.  It should be waiting for me at home when I am back from work in a few weeks.

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A28 in the house, currently paired with a Yulong DA8 DAC and P18 for power. I haven't had a ton of time to spend with it yet, but based on initial reactions it pairs very well with the HE-6. It doesn't keep up with the AURALiC Taurus but maybe approaches the Violectric V200 in approximate quality with HE-6 - and keep in mind, V200 was my favorite HE-6 amp until the Taurus came along. I'll have to compare the A28, V200, and Questyle CMA800R to see which one deserves second place for HE-6.... considering the price difference, it's good company to be in. 


So far I've only used balanced mode. Tried the LCD-2 and it sounded great, also an HD800 and Alpha Dogs too. I'd say this is in fact a more neutral amp than the A18, though I still don't find it thin or reedy. But definitely closer to an upgraded A100 than a downgraded A18 if that makes any sense. Fit and finish is typical Yulong (very nice). 


This has tough competition in the price range. You've got Lake People G109, Firestone Bobby, and NuForce HAP-100 all priced within about $100 of each other. So far those other three all have their own specialties and none is my top choice over the rest. We'll see how Yulong does. 

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