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AKG K1000

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Haven't heard much about these and have NEVER seen a pair for sale anywhere (I know they're discontinued) but I found some on eBay ( ) for around $1600.. Is this worth the price? Anyone have any impressions they could provide me? Thanks in advance!

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You should read this (which states the going price at $900 to $1,5000):

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Thanks for that man.

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The XLR connectors on that K1000 listed on ebay are easily worth the price increase (probably means it's balanced).  I also suspect the reviewer in the Flagships thread had a defective model with the rattle.  K1000's have a fervent following and there are several people who will work on them.


It depends on what you're looking for - buying a pair puts you in a special category all by itself.

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They are great headphones.  For a pair with an SN that high $1699 is really steep, even with an SAA connector.  Bass heavy would be considered a fair price at current market value though with an SAA thrown in (assuming original drivers were not replaced, which would defeat the purpose.)


These are not mint.  The way to check is to look at the temple pads, which are squashed in.  Irreplaceable, AKG sold out of pads within 6 months of discontinuing the K1000 years ago.  (The only part they still have are the capsules and that's because they're also used for rides at Disney Land.)  I'd call it an 8/10 pair.  With box/docs and the SAA, $1500 tops.  I sold an identical listing for $1400 a year ago and even that some people thought was high.


He over-prioritizes rattle, housing resonance bothers me more than any rattle I've ever heard on a K1000.  You can also listen to them "nude" if you're careful which should solve that issue.

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