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Clip Zip 'Sport' 16Gb ?

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Hi head-fiers !


Anyone know something about a Clip Zip 'Sport' 16Gb ?


While looking around for the 8Gb's prices I stumbled upon this: p/n SDMX24-016G-G46K, EAN 0619659113285.


New model ? No pic on Amazon yet...

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Well there isn't much to see but here you go:






You'll find a number of stores who have listed the product without any pictures of the actual product, no release/stock arrival date as well.

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Sorry for double-posting but looks like this upcoming 'Sport' series it is not just one 16Gb model.

I've found p/n and EANs for the following;


4Gb - Black, Yellow, Red

8Gb - Black, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Lime

16Gb - Black


Still no pictures though...

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This is interesting, hopefully its a good improvement from the zip. Might just wait for this now.

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So this new Clip series is expected for a February release.

No more info...

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Why is there no white edition?

Never will they ever make a better-looking Clip than the White Clip+.

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Hmm, very nice find, a 16 Gig Clip sounds good to me

Found another link, but they use the old Clip Zip image: http://www.expansys.com/sandisk-sansa-clip-zip-sport-16gb-portable-audio-player-mp3-wma-ogg-flac-drm-free-aac-fm-radio-257452/

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Big fan of Sandisk players but it's hard to see the point of yet another Clip variant unless it is a significant re-design. The increased memory is nice, but you can add a 16 GB card to your existing clip for $10-12.

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I'm liking the sound of 80 gigs of space in a Clip Zip from factor.

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May be it's a new rugged design with improved clip and buttons hence the 'sport' ?


I'd love a reinforced jack plug...


Just checked the Sandisk forums; no mention of the 'Sport' series yet.

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Originally Posted by Xyga View Post

May be it's a new rugged design with improved clip and buttons hence the 'sport' ?



I'd be glad with an improved clip since I broke two of them... the hinges are very weak, it should be metal, not plastic.

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Well this definitely seems to be a thing.


"New 'Sport' version of the legendary Sansa Clip Zip."

Eagerly awaiting some news, would be nice to pick one up before going skiing in late February. It'll probably be fairly overpriced at launch though.

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I'm in on this. I've wanted a clipzip with better battery life & higher capacity for quite some time. Being more ruggedized for sports/exercise is an even bigger #win for me.
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