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[REVIEW] The perspective of 5.1 surround ULTRA sound quality headphones. Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1 gaming headset  

Poll Results: READING FIRST!! Are 5.1 headphones the future of audiophiles??

This is a multiple choice poll
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    Yes. That example is incredible. I believe your experience.
  • 83% of voters (5)
    No! I suppose you're not a specialist to promote such things objectively! {Wrong, we may not find a specialist AT ALL, see my first posts.
  • 0% of voters (0)
    Can't say, we have no spec review!! {Wrong, same as #2}
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I'm not much of an audiophile, but i can confirm it's a best value product for an audiophile

of my level from a gaming-wise point of view and such budget.

I will be able to position myself as a specialist when I'll have the time to deep into the theory of sound. I'm a scientist, you know :) I suppose there is nothing in this world being subjective, only tastes and biological "specials" of given ears which result in tastes also :D We should just clear it out, when NOT using an amp, we must get a good_to_go (fully portable) product, which must fit our tastes. Otherwise, we just see the *Russian АЧХ, looking for technical translation* frequency responses in the able_to_hear sound range (i also suppose infra- and ultra-sound may affect health - another question) to detect whether the given headset is near to ideal (good for one's tastes) or not (also good for one's tastes, but rather the mass).

ALSO GUYS, I have a lot of brainz when it comes to study something, I call it "scientist". Your mind is FLEXIBLE (you pay attention to any thought and do not let your emotions overdrive) and always LOOK for the ESSENCE, THEORY (hard to understand bearing in mind we're discussing subjective things like "sound quality" - sibilance/sparkle_treble as example (although I heard sibilance on a low-end product of my friend).

To be clear, I know what it means to be an audiophile, but because of my wallet I could not afford anything that has good bass and/or pleasing&refined treble, now that i've bought this headset, I suppose I can say they are pretty damn good (wasn't really looking for audiophile-capable home headset). It's my first try in overviewing a product, i've tried to be objective as I could, because these humble monsters just make me feel proud for Cyber Snipa, again.

I'm kindly requesting some of the head-fi specialists to do a review, because IMHO it's a good buy.


- not a full/entire specification for the product -




DETAIL: Arguementations&Theories&Subjectiveness&Bad_thought_expression! (Click to show)

I'm not a native english speaker, sorry.


My humble overview, own review, not pretending i'm a specialist. Started from an overview just to interest THE SPECIALIST in doing an in-depth review, because these kind of headphones (gamer-audiophile) where NEVER discussed in-depth, as far as I've seen, i'm also bearing a good mind in the skull, so please, let me know if i'm wrong somewhere:


        Technical specs:


Connection: USB
Cord Length: 3.0 m

Mic Dimensions: Ø 9.7 mm × 5.0 mm
Sensitivity: -39 dB±dB
Directivity: Unidirectional
Impedance: 2.2 KO


  Front Center Rear Subwoofer
Drive Diameter Ø30 mm Ø40 mm Ø30 mm Ø27 mm
Impedance 32O 32O 32O 8O
Frequency Response 20~20 KHz 18~20 KHz 20~20 KHz 10~400 Hz**
Output power 200 mW 400 mW 200 mW 600mW
Signal to noise ratio* >50 dB >50 dB >50dB >50 dB
T.H.D 0.4% 0.1% 0.4% 1%
Sensitivity (S.P.L) 108 dB 100 dB 108 dB


*Can be explained be reverb presence. dB simply do not fade away, because _it's_intended_ to have this kind of reverb. May be an issue of taste. I've managed to storch a lot of treble or bass, even both (maybe I just am not such a fun of bass as most of readers) (Ofc, maintaining clarity and without overriding amplifying support indicated by engineers (+12dB)).


**Funny thing is that they allow subwoofer/Center swap, but i noticed only bassy frequencies are "done" by subwoofer from the specification (<400Hz). The 5.1 system is developed only for 5.1, they did not think about audiophiles (dedication of each driver for certain frequencies, say {music_mode}, because 5.1 means soundstage is a priority). They tell us nothing regarding the signal_to_noise_ratio for when you use this SWAP (400hz is kinda limitation). In russian sound theorycrafting this sounds like "study of the frequency response", meaning 100% volume study of the drivers for each of the frequencies, having an "ideal model" and a "result" which is how "noise" is found out deviation of output signal from the ideal (>50dB is an equivalent measurement scale done by formula, not practicing) from the desired result of the frequency. I suppose english sound theorycrafting has issues, because in russian theorycrafting there are much less "tastes" and they are clearly told by practical study of Signal-to-noise-ratio!!

Anyhow 4 dedicated drivers are better than one. If we manage to discuss/develop/optimize the thread's drivers these can really be the ideal headphone ATM (value).

To clarify this "lack of information" the subwoofer should be tested separately, with no other drivers put under current, to understand whether there is signal_to_noise sound quality issue in doing so or there is not. I did swap the drivers, just because I found it easier to adjust, did not search in-depth. Will do.

UPD: Tried, mic issue gets even higher with standart subwoofer/center set. Removing the mic will let me do in-depth testings. I suppose now it's not even the mic problem... I damaged that driver with the "resonance"... I suppose it was just smashing the mic components (I ignored the resonance) which made one of the subwoofer start to produce sibilance in it's true meaning... Solved the issue brilliantly... Swapped them again and killed the volume of subwoofers... These little bastards are dead because of me :(

The moral is simple: Do not trust ANY (means something he didn't say, but you saw something "strange", this strange may kill your product if you're not testing carefully) seller even if he has good reputation...


I'll supply the post regarding images from RU audiophiles ASAP.





-Highly customizable. An in-built equilazer is not a "WOW", but the driver_volume is AMAZING, because the dedicated subwoofer may be "made" to be louder than the other drivers (their impedance differs).

-Very nice sound, if the software (yes, it has dedicated control software) was adjusted accordingly. It has an in-built equilazer and driver_volume (i mean every of the 8 drivers [4 in each "ear"] can be adjusted as you wish)

-Regarding customization. You can SWAP the subwoofer with the central driver. The sound changes in a more fuzzy one, i suppose, the vibration lowers. If adjusted properly, THESE ARE BASS MONSTERS!

-Who am I to judge, but I suppose these little humble headset will beat the sh** out any 100$ over-ears regarding soundstage... It's brilliant if up to me.

-Customization. You can switch between gaming and music bass "style". It's called bass enhancement, but i know it lowers audiophile satisfaction and they SAID it.

-8 Drivers, 5.1 system. In-game experience including sound source localization is brilliant. I wish to say i've never heard such precise frequency contrast (my own adjustments in their soundcard).

-Great microphone as far as i know. A weak pro, but you rather wish your microphone to be in-built, as a gamer.

-Also a weak pro: in-built control panel. Vol+, Vol-, Mute. IT'S THEIR SOUNDCARD.

-Cloth earpads, very nice and comfortable, although the comfort is not perfect, but i cannot say it creates discomfort. See cons section.

-I would say the bass isn't really punchy. (Happened to listen my friends "ears" - I felt like being attacked with pillows onto my ears) It's mild and extremely pleasure-delivering, for me.

-FOR THE SECOND TIME IN MY LIVE tears appeared on my eyes because of SUCH experience... There is everything for me! I adjusted both bass and treble to make me ***.

-IT FKIN VIBRATES (bass drivers). Cannot say it's good or bad, but when it comes to an in-game explosion you may piss your pants :D The engies call it "vibration feedback" seems it cannot be turned off. I'm very fine with tickling my ears in heavy bass music action :D

-IMHO, the enginners from Cyber Snipa did a great job from every perspective, the sound is clear, the bass is powerful, punchy (ordinary dubstep audiophile) and rock music audiophile pleasure is also possible. Adjusting their software equilazer i got audiophile pleasure from both genres.

-The build is very great as far as i know. Very sturdy, good engineering thought and good, but hard-to-achieve comfort. See cons section.

-The value is pretty damn good. Can be got for 37EUR plus shipment from computeruniverse.net

(their products are not unique, Prestigio is under the same lead, I suppose, and one more brand, I cannot say which, but i have this info from another buys - PMSG1 Prestigio gaming mouse, which is a copy of Cyber Snipa Silencer - a best buy in gaming-mices with any budget(!!) and Prestigio P5580C MultiTab - a best value tablet for me (satisfies my spec needs entirely, not taking in count TN matrix))

I suppose that's all with the pros.



-Pretty heavy, but I cannot say it creates discomfort.

-No isolation

-^regarding^:comfort isssue - the earpads have their pressure point onto the upper part of the skull (meaning that it does not perform uniform pressure onto the whole skull around the ear), it may create some discomfort if not adjusted correctly. Also their new, so it's possible that the earpads-pressure will be lower after a time. If there is any possible mod to fix that - please let me know.

-Damn long cable, but it's nice i can move 2 meters from my PC to do something without taking them off.

-Heavy in-built control panel, if not put on the lap or clipped onto clothes giver slight discomfort from the earpad.

-Lights on the control panel are just too bright. I dunno why they did that, lol. Not a problem, unless some1 susceptible is near. (true regarding to isolation also) I prefer disabling them with black duct tape :D

-A weak con for me. Maybe a guarantee issue, i'll just have too much trouble solving the guarantee. Don't wish to lose the headset for X amount of time because of such a minor issue. Issue is: One of the "ears" (the one with mic, I suppose that's the problem) is resonating at certain "bassy" frequencies.

Maybe it's a limitation of the headset, because the earpad resonating has mic attached to it. Plastic or the drivers itself may resonate, should look for a fix.

The point is that i'm listening music either on low volume (for some of you it may seem as high volume, lol) and when i wish to get FKIN EXCITED I listen the music SO LOUD I can barely notice this "resonating sound".

-Also a weak con. Maybe a comfort compliance, dunno not a pro. It vibrates if bass-heavy songs are being played at high volume. Can't know if that's ok regarding high-end headphones. Some of you may consider this a con. Can it be fixed by myself? (I know i'll break the warranty) An audiophile friend of mine told me this vibration is artificial: either there is a vibration-driver inside or vibration is caused because the drivers are localized too near to eachother (small earcups for such big drivers)

-Another weak con for me. It seems the engineers consider their customers to be either big-headed or extraterestrials :D My head is moderately big and i can fit it ok with 3/7 adj. size (ears are touching upper part of earpads i've had some tough times adjusting the comfort but I got it - the headset needs to be positioned wise, it seems too big sometimes, because the heavy control panel pulls the earpad down if not attached :D,  although if I position the headset accurately, it's fine. I suppose guys with smaller heads will find it being a moderate problem... To be clear, they have PLENTY MORE SIZE AVAILABLE. I just dunno for whom they did that... I just can't imagine. It would be perfect to have it -50% and +20% of my head size (percents regard statistical average head size extra-small to extra-big), now it seems more like -15% to +50% of my head size. IS THERE ANY MOD TO FIX THAT, SO MORE PEOPLE CAN CHOOSE THIS HEADSET???



As a gamer (with such a head :D) audiophile I can find only these cons:

1. Unability to turn off the vibration (either it's a dedicated soundcard "Special" for gaming OR it's simply ok even for high-end basshead headphones - can't know).

2. Not for bassheads, when you get OK bass on full (safe for the drivers) volume, it resonates... It's a build issue, because the resonance is a build limitation I suppose (yeah, it's in the driver with the mic). Either we develop a FIX and OMG ITS A PERFECT NON-MOBILE HEADPHONE or we make any of 5.1 headset maker to try and create a model or two of OMG 5.1 AUDIOPHILE HEADPHONE (in-built soundcard needed(!)).

3. No isolation means either you like the volume or you can hear your mommy using the vacuum cleaner 4 meters of you through the doors (one closed :D). Of course, little/moderate noise isn't even noticeable with these monsters.


You heard the pros :D.




Non-portable overall

Accessories (10/10) - taking in count soundcard and software are "accesories".


Build          (7/10) - good overall quality, but this resonating sound just pissess me off :( They just didn't                                  suppose there COULD be audiophiles with such headset.


Isolation     (2/10) - Only warmth for winter :) No sound isolation.


Comfort     (7/10) - not for smallheads, also hard to fit it right onto my normal size ears, VIBRATION IS OK?


Sound        (6/10) - fully adjustable 'cause of the soundcard, just the build issue destroys it... I suppose

                              there is nothing like "signature", we just do not know theorycrafting in the whole.

                             If you do not believe me by word, being a specialist, take the very_high_end 32 ohm

                             2-driver headphone and try listening FLAC 5.1 using 5.1 emulation, afterwards take 

                             my 5.1 headphones (or the very_high_end 5.1 capped at the impedances given by my

                             headset and mod it to use 5.1 AMP) with support of needed current and customizing

                             (dedicated each_driver soundcard customizing (the each_driver_amplifiyng thing from                              the pros section). I really hope you will prove me wrong.

                              I've proven i'm perfectly right at this point with one correction:

                              Doing so will cap volume lower for a good bass... Can't speak certainly, but I

                              suppose you lose smth like 1/5 of the loudness at least

                              (8Ohm 600mW bass is the issue I think)


                               You should have immense knowledge in this kind of theorycrafting to adjust them

                               perfectly by yourself... I had no such knowledge back then - killed the woofers...

                               *****IT'S A MISTAKE TO SWAP WOOFER AND CENTER, Woofer will still do bass,

                               while forced to do treble, just like the other 3 drivers are "forced" to do bass (5-400Hz

                               implicit) but have no problem with dat*****


Value (11/10) - Can't find any more for the money even close - (11/10) for me, {10+}1 point to that only                                                  because THIS BRAND had the fully-adjustable soundcard! Which makes this headset                                                     POSSIBLE_FOR_US (sound overhauled)!


Overall (7,5)


Modding {subjective} PORTABLE OVERALL:


The mods should be:

1=>>Lol, we need several portable amplifiers ATM - this market didn't take in count 5.1 audiophile headphones TOO (imagine how to connect 8 drivers instead of 2). SO, we have drivers, which should be PORTED for android at least, afterwards, IF this happens:

1. The easy way, tablets have OTG-connect usually, which is then possible to mod into USB, so we can just plug it in with the drivers lended. 

2. The hardcore way: We open up "control panel" audiochip, we investigate which USB connects are for sound and which for power, we develop an alternative source of electricity - any batteries with desired current will do (USB current actually, maybe less), connect&close&seal=>DONE.


2.==>The resonating part:

I'll just open them and take the ******* mic out without changing the earpad's isolation/ "wave_bounce" meaning i will make the mic one identical with the ideal earpad. I just have no money to afford another one, this is my only source of good music, i'm afraid wasting it :(



Accessories (8/10) - Needs mod headache for portability/ isolation.


Build (10/10) - Mod applied.


Isolation (5(7?)/10) - If custom leather pads are added, i suppose the headset is open-type.


Comfort (8/10) - Supposing hard fitting and vibrating are ok.


Sound (10/10) - Fully adjustable, no stereo can beat 8 dedicated neodymium drivers, 2 of which are dedicated to BASS (switchable - modifies sound a lot). Until the era of new material/technology drivers has come.


Value (20/10) - Just imagine a 40$ product beating your Beyerdynamic 400$ in sound matters, lol. 10 is FINE TO CHOOSE, to be clear, IF model NAME is a matter of tastes. (supposing there is no signature - fully adjustable by either fiio e07k Andes or a dedicated soundcard with drivers)


MODDING OVERALL: 10,17(10,5?)/10


Yes, to apply these we need some database of modding overalls, which we do not have ATM. I could've try, but i'm going to garage-develop.




{I mean we have 4 drivers in each earpad, play with them so the hearable_frequencies will be dedicated for CERTAIN driver in equal part, so the total_hearable_frequencies can be divided in 4 groups: low_to_mid-bass, mid_to_high-bass, mids, treble OR WHICHEVER DEDICATION YOU WILL!!! To do the crosslined we need a fully garage-made headphone. I suppose dedication is where the "clarity of sound" is capped (not taking in count impedance). Yes, I'm speaking about "sound signature" ATM because without dedication the engineers have to play a lot with the driver so it will not "blurr/fuzzy/muddle" the frequencies}






Related thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/689685/no-delete-example-of-tweaking-oriented-thinking-application


P.S.: I just hope such a good product will be taken in consideration by head-fi. Thank you, guys.

P.S.S.: Feel free to criticize my overview and give me questions. ONLY the critizicing MUST be arguemented. I just do not allow myself on believing someone by word, trust no one, mr. House sez.


Any given feedback will be a good sign for me, basically. Of course, replying is the best, but even a thumbs-up in the reputation will make me smile...

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Sorry, but i cannot find a good link with full technical specs. As far as i know, 3 drivers per ear are 32 impedance and the subwoofers are 27 impedance each.

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Russian review from HARDWAREPORTAL.RU (checked it, ok review from a non-audiophile)


EDIT: An audiophile friend of mine told me this vibration is artificial: either there is a vibration-driver inside or vibration is caused because the drivers are localized too near to eachother (small earcups for such big drivers)

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Daily bump.

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Hatico daily bump #2

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I've pointed it out.

Drivers are localized in contact with SOMETHING of the microphone (note that the other earpad isn't resonating). That's why at certain LOUD BASSY frequencies it starts to resonate. It can be FIXED!!! WOOHOO! Thread name edited.


I've found a DILEMMA in this case. There is simply NO non-portable headphone reviewer, because portables are ONLY 3.5 jack-compatible (5.1 surround headsets must be modded, but they have no independent power source, this ones have only the soundcard and the USB connect supports 5V, can't recall the amperage max, I was only limited to drivers, neither USB nor the soundcard burned).

And when you choose GOOD HEAD SOUND you want it to be portable too!! Why buy 2 products, just because one is worse in portability??

I suppose 5.1 surround CAN BE EVEN NOW better, EVEN PORTABLE!! Just use an amplifier like fiio e07k Andes (bear in mind we shall test it to support the needed current).


I may be mistaking anywhere, because ATM I'm experimenting with sleep - 12+ hours of sleep skipping a night of sleep, lol.

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Theorycrafting (Pre-"pros" section) updated! Edited after 20 minutes.

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[NO_DELETE] This thread will be related to future threads in "Sound science" and "Tweaking".... I'm going to do MOD headphones by myself... Alot to study, alot work to do... When i'll have time i'll be myself the "corporation" which will try 5.1 the right way for audiophiles...


Sound science to clear out where we are not objective in using terms like sound quality, sound signature and so on...


I am asking the moderators to give me "Scientist" title instead of head-fier... I'm in love with this community :)


I did even understand why all my threads got so many views yet no answers - I use extremely complex formulation + I ask for high skill to correctly reply, which lowers the audience to minimum.


Wait for my "Garage monsters" 5.1 portable headphone soon :)

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i can appreciate what OP is trying to share, but the way it's articulated is very Time Cube....




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Originally Posted by austonia View Post

i can appreciate what OP is trying to share, but the way it's articulated is very Time Cube....




Thanks for the feedback))) Russian engineers express their opinions the impossible way - so only engineers can understand...

Now imagine a crazy russian engineer speaking in foreign language about hipothesys where he doesn't know the theoria :DDD


You really made me laugh with dat time cube :)

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Originally Posted by MygpuK View Post

Thanks for the feedback))) Russian engineers express their opinions the impossible way - so only engineers can understand...

Now imagine a crazy russian engineer speaking in foreign language about hipothesys where he doesn't know the theoria :DDD


You really made me laugh with dat time cube :)


it's all good man. :) i like the enthusiasm even if i can't understand the specifics


we're all here for love of music .... party on, and be excellent to each other

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Of course we should be :)


Problem is when an engineer doesn't know the theoria, but understands the principles, he IS TRYING AS HARD AS HE CAN to explain what he did understand if it's important.

The whole analysis thing is not quite important.



As a result of my experience, I've wasted my damn good headset (the subwoofer drivers). The point is my method was right, but I didn't pay attention onto "resonance" because of TRUST to the engineers. They didn't tell me by no means it's a music headset, but insted they "followed me to that point" by their software possible adjustments.


I still think this gaming headset may be adjusted to give REAL, IMMENSE soundstage IF FLAC 5.1 authors use the full posibilities of 5.1 system (sound slips throughout the 3 drivers independently for each earpad - crazy possiblities for music creation!!!). {example in stereo the sound only can really slip from one driver to another}


1. In this case I should just hope their in-built soundcard is good, which can be inspected only wasting the headset with my skills in such things... I shall try it when I buy another one of these (yes i'm buying the second if I find no tech. specification which will prove their soundcard sucks (applying science)). I'll do anything possible to adjust them or any other high-quality 5.1/7.1 headset and see what I get. What i've  got from these monsters before I understood i've burned them.... was brilliant... (although I could not get needed bass power from the woofer, either I like it even more powerful and the 5V isn't sufficient (maybe engies have predicted that, thus putting the SWAP, but there was need of PRECISE center and subwoofer driver customizing) or i've made a mistake while customizing, and yes, I did that.


2. We can also create ARTIFICIAL soundstage (still not emulated as in stereo) as we wish! Certain frequency range (equally distributed between the three non-subwoofers, meaning smth like 400-4K, 4K-8K, 8K-16K (Hz)) in a certain non-subwoofer driver will result in a "frequency amplasation", whichever you will !! I would preffer High-to-low Hz amplasation front to back (and mids above me, the three speakers are placed at angle to create 3d surround), the subwoofers being in center, still. You will loose probably some of "sound power" although, because each speaker will be specialized, instead you will gain clarity! That's why, I suppose the bass has 600 mW current with only 8Ohm! The less Ohm - the smaller (resistance basics apply I suppose), the higher mW is needed from the AMP (in-built soundcard, which power posiblities I highly doubt now...) to MAKE the 8 Ohm driver sound perfect (single_to_noise_ratio nearly 80 [80dB of sound create 1 dB of error] i suppose we can call perfect, doubt which power is needed, though.

This mod has two options: re-writing the drivers for a good-to-go 5.1/7.1 product OR a garage-monster done by yourself for yourself :)))) I suppose the garage monster will still need driver support to use 5.1 technology and I suppose it will be hard as damn to develop such immense engineering skills.


It is possible FLAC 5.1 to not use the possibility to "slip" a certain frequency throughout non-subwoofer speakers {TRUE soundstage}, but I highly doubt that, because 5.1 means dedicated bass, so they're free to use the 3 drivers at their full possibilities. Why doubt? Only because I suppose AT LEAST the pro author of 5.1 music shall be trusted... The poor guy which writes immense music and simply is not observed in the "market"....


A rule from the gaming applies: By gamers, for gamers. (c) Fallout 2 crew - "Black Isle Studios" logo...

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