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yeah same here. crap lol

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Now it's an issue of is it worth buying a groundloop isolator, or risking using the cheater plug and putting the isolator money into a dac.
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There are also much cheaper isolators available, you can find various models for as low as $10 on amazon.com. Of course, these are much more likely to have an audible effect on the sound (especially the bass can be degraded by cheap transformers), but if you really cannot just use the STX built-in amplifier for now, then you could give one of them with good consumer feedback a try.

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Ordered and going to try a hum-x from Amazon.
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The HUM-X knocked out all the noises and amp is dead silent now no matter what volume. Get to keep my ground plug too!

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Congrats. Did it degrade the sound at all? I went and picked up a cheap one for $25 to try it out. It killed the interference, and knocked out the mids and bottom end.

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nope no sound degradation since it goes where you plug in stuff instead of of touching the source cables. 

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It is basically like a cheater plug, but with the ground connected through diodes. So, when there is only a small voltage (e.g. interference) on the ground, it is lifted, but when the voltage increases because of a problem, the diodes will conduct and let the safety ground work as intended. Not sure if this is entirely as safe as a real grounded plug, but it is better than a simple cheater plug.

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Cool at least I have some idea of how it works. Going to make sure ill keep the amp plugged in instead of the PC for safe measure. Looks like even going SLi with a second gtx 670 hasn't added added any extra noise so I'm pretty happy with the results.
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Guys, I just ordered the Hum-X off of Ebay. It is surprisingly expensive, and one would think you should be able to find a similar consumer electronic product for much less. Anyway, I just wanted to obtain updated feedback from both meeklo062704 and xero404. Did the Hum-X device work consistently, did the humming come back, did you eventually find a better alternative? I have a PC -----> USB -----> DAC -----> Bottlehead Crack chain that's experiencing similar problems to what you had.

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The cheater plug served its purpose while I used it. I finally quit being lazy and rearranged some furniture so I could use different plugs that run on different breakers. I still get a hum sometimes, but it goes away if I turn the Crack off then right back on. According to Doc I have a bad solder joint somewhere. I'm waiting until I order the speedball so I can install that, then I'll upgrade the existing wires, and reflow everything.

So now I'm running flax->j-river->schiit bifrost->crack->hd650, and an completely. Or as satisfied as I'll be until I get the itch to upgrade something.
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Thanks for that info, meeklo. I also won't consider this a final solution. Unfortunately, I don't have the time nor resources to tackle things permanently now. I'll be moving in a few weeks and hopefully my new abode will not generate the same problems. The hum-x should do for now, and it is a device that will be very handy to have in one's toolbox.
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It's amazing how much a hum can drive you nuts. I was also told to try running a ground wire from the chassis of the crack to the power supply to eliminate one probable cause. Never needed to try it, but seemed interesting.
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I will be having someone install replacement transistors in a couple of weeks. He will also take a look at some of the possible causes of the ground loop problem. I will have him explore that possible solution. In the meantime, in spite of the hum, the music sounds glorious.

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I saw a YouTube video about interference being caused by being too close to one of (I'm having a brain cart and can't remember what they're called) big green boxes that the power companies work on that powers a neighborhood. Granted, the thing was in his backyard, but its a possibility. When in doubt, I've seen some decent furman power conditioners on craigslist for under $100.

But you are correct, it is glorious. I had a power spike come through and mess up a driver on my hd650s. It's really faint, and is usually only audible with deep bass on low volume. But that's what I get for being inpatient about the kit waitlist and buying one used already assembled. The sound does spoil me though. I couldn't stand my earbuds anymore and talked myself into buying some Westone 4r's. Almost as good, just not quite there.
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