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Klipsch X10/X10i vs X11i - Page 4

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+ 1 they have been here since 1990:beerchug:

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During A/B-ing last Friday I found the X11 slightly behind the ATH-IM03.

But for current prices (X11 going for 130 Dollars at amazon) I think it is very good deal.

The ATH-IM03 costs triple but is maybe 20% better.


However, here in Singapore the X11 sells for 569 SGD and the ATH-IM03 for 488.

So I either buy the ATH-IM03 here or have the X11 imported and then have to cross

my fingers that it will last for 2years as I could only dream of any warranty for the X11

if something happens.


Update: I would say the X11 are out. Today the right side on my R6 died. So including the S4II I had before this

is the 4th time that something like this happened. That makes it a bit more than 6 month on each unit before they

needed to be replaced.


I therefore cannot trust products from this company, especially if I have to buy them without warranty. 

I think I do not want IEMs without replacable cable anymore.


Update: Ok, I am reconsidering them. Willing to take the risk of poor buildquality but I have really comfort issues with the ATs. 

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Just bought x11i for six monnths. Not as impressive as years back
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Originally Posted by Mark K View Post

Just bought x11i for six monnths. Not as impressive as years back

would you know if those are better than Sennheiser IE60?

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Can't tell but way better than any of my single drive senn
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