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A Journey with Ultimate Ears Factory Tour - Page 3  

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Wasn't he the sound tech for Alex Van Halen?

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I think it's more about UE wanting to forge an identity independent of JH, especially since he's a "competitor" now.


It's funny how that works, because Jerry Harvey always talks about how he founded Ultimate Ears in his interviews, as he wants to lend credibility to himself for audiences that don't view him as a household name (are we head-fiers weird that way?), while UE definitely minimizes his name these days. It's just practical PR. The funny thing is that employees of both companies run back and forth from one company to the other. I'm sure the two entities are very, very familiar with each other, and there shouldn't be any "bad blood" leftover from the split back in 2007.

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Originally Posted by Med Dyer View Post

When did Jerry Harvey become he-who-must-not-be-named? There I just said it -- Jerry Harvey. It feels good -- try it!

Well said Med.


Jerry Harvey.


It does feel good.

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How did this not hit the front page? It's the most compelling piece of content to hit head-fi in a while. Way ahead of "here is my personal blog about X" and the other posts that seem to hit the front page these days.

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