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AiAiAi TMA-1 Studio headphones or Logitech UE6000... Or even else?

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After a lot of research I decided I like the AiAiAi, untill I saw http://www.head-fi.org/t/639948/review-closed-portable-circumaural-around-ear-headphone-comparison-m50-z1000-tma-1-s-momentum-ue6000-mdr-1r that review. Maybe Logitech's UE6000 is better...


What do I listen to....

I listen a lot to (vocal) EDM, I like some good bass.

I listen to piano/violinmusic too, but not as often as EDM, but that has to be (relatively) good too.


Previous I had:

Creative EP630 (cable broken, I liked the bass, but not the vocals)

Logitech UE600 (cable broken too, got money back, didn't like the bass, very good for vocals/violin)



My budget is between €150 and €200 ($200 - $260).



I don't travel a lot, mostly use at home. (I'll buy another EP630 for travel)

I want some good-looking headphones (ATH-50 not, I like UE6000 and TMA1)



Which one do you recommend, or do you recommend another headphone?

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Additionally, I want closed headphones, so others in the living room won't be annoyed by my music.
Over ear of course.
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For portability (just in case), looks and sound quality delivery with excellent bass, Ok mids and highs, the M100s will do the job very well and you can get them "Like New" from amazon for $253:


(or less).

Some people (me included) do not find these super comfortable, but the company is working on some XL ear pads. ;-)

Also, I never had a problem with Amazon Warehouse products BTW, especially headphones.

You might look into these as well:

Denon D600s:

Audio Technica WS99:

If you want a more "neutral-ish" sound, you might also look into used MrSpeakers Mad Dogs and maybe the new KEF M500s (if you buy through RazorDogAudio, there's a coupon that lets you get them for $240 instead of $300...)

So yeah, at this price-range, there's a lot to choose from.
I guess, if I were you, I would just rank the order of things you crave in a headphone and then make your choice.
For example, do you value sound quality over everything else?
Or, do you rate comfort higher or almost as high as sound quality?\
Do you value "looks" higher than other traits?
Do you crave for accessories with your headphones?
etc. etc.

That way you might be able to organize the list of headphones in a way that makes sense to you and then choose.

Aiaiai, UE6000s, Sony MDR-1R (good choice also), Denon D600s, V-Moda M100s, AT WS99, Mad Dogs, KEF M500, etc. etc.

Good luck!
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I absolutely hate classical on the UE6000. It's too dark, the music sounds boring on it and I tried a number of set-ups. Avoid like the plague for that. I can't comment on the EDM, but it's serviceable for classic rock. The bass is nice and mids are good. You get decent instrument separation. Not hi-end, but better than you would suspect.


Me personally, I'm checking out a pair of Mad Dogs. The UE6000 isn't really blowing me away and I'm willing to move on and try something else.


The DT660 is nice...it isolates well, looks good, feels amazingly comfortable and has a massive soundstage for a closed back headphone. They are reasonably cheap too (I got mine on sale for around $160, they are regularly around the $200 mark) The issue is that ONLY classical really sounds good on it. It's very bass-lite (even moreso than I would prefer). Pop/rock gets very annoying on it quickly, I imagine EDM would be similar. Maybe try it with a warm amp?

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Thanks guys, I bought the UE6000. I don't listen classic, and I decided I liked the Logitech more than the AiAiAi.
I really like the sound, it's blowing me away compared to my other speakers and in-ears
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