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Originally Posted by rajeshgeorgy View Post



I have the DA8 connected to an OPPO BDP 103 with a coaxial cable. When I play SACDs, the DAC shows the message as no signal. The player itself is reading the disc and I can hear songs when the player is directly connected to the Tube Amplifier Cary Audio Sli 80. Likewise, the DAC reads signal from all normal CDs. Please keep me posted. 


You need an Audio De-Embedder to extract the DSD from the HDMI output and convert to Toslink or Coax. I just purchased one for my DA8 and also plan on using it with the OPPO BDP-103. A highly regarded one is made by KanexPro and is available from B&H photo for $63.00. I'll let you know how it works out.

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Originally Posted by teiki arii View Post

Antoine my friend, who is an engineer in Audio Pro, exchanged all IC-OPAs by his class A AZP discret OPAs... 

I mean he changed IC-OPAs for AZP OPAs at conversion I/V stage, Low-Pass filter stage, buffer stage and headphone output stage! Antoine had to upgrade just a little the Power Supply, had to fix bias conversion I/V on AZP OPAs and that's all. You can't imagine what benefits this upgrade had brought along, by an inextinguible margin as deep as Helm's Deep. It's fantastic! It outperforms the DAC with IC-OPAs! If I had to give a personal value, I would give 70/100 before upgrading and 88/100 after upgrading. The DAC is used in his symmetric version (with XLR outputs) in my full symmetric system.

I won't give you any review, the main reasons are because of my limited vocabulary (I'm a foreigner, don't forget it) and because I think reviews are a kind of lies. Anyway, I actually let you know that transformation is outstanding, extraordinary. I cannot find a single weakness in this upgrade. I confirm what I have already written: if you find some IC-OPA "highly regarded", I have not that skills to qualify nor to describe impressions that AZP OPA can offer you... It's amazing and yes, this DAC is fantastic with the proviso that you first, you change IC-OPA for real first class ones. I have to tell you that this OPA are not to be sold in anyway, because they are prototypes and Antoine doesn't want someone to practice reverse engineering. He wants to keep property on it. If I tell you that today, it is for several reasons: no matter you find a good USB cable nor you use SSD in your computer or anything. If you do not optimize the power supply nor you don't change IC-OPA for betters, whatever you have very nice cables or a very good system, your system should sound wrong, not bad I agree, but not according to my experience. That's the point.

I have never heard any DAC as good as this upgraded one, never forever... Is it possible that I can find a better one? For sure, but I could live with this one all my life without dropping it, because I do not feel the need to. Nevertheless, I know I will sell it one day, I am waiting for a new symmetric peamp/DAC made by Antoine in a few months (or years?:blink:).

Best regards.:beerchug:

Do you remember? 

Here is the link:


Thanks to goggle translator, you should be able to appreciate the AZP OPA's skills.. A revelation! :wink_face: 

Not to be sold...

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Just got my DA8, noticed the volume knob is crooked/tilted to one side. Is this normal?

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Originally Posted by KMSV View Post

Just got my DA8, noticed the volume knob is crooked/tilted to one side. Is this normal?


No, this is not normal. It should be straight.
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When I play DSD and double DSD from my vortexbox (2.3 build) into my DA8 it reads as a 352 sample rate rather than DSD. Does anyone have any thoughts about what's actually happening? 

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You're using jriver? If so, you have to select DSD stream option in the source menu.
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Nope - vortexbox. sorted now. I hadn't enabled DoP. Doh!

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Oops one of the bad side effects of reading on the phone. Glad it's working for you now.
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Is is a fully balanced design ?

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It is.

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I have posted an update on my D200 impression thread. This round is focused on using the XLR connection of D200 with balanced headphone. Since Yulong confirmed that DA8 can be used in similar manner, and the adapter is common for both DA8 and D200, so I'll post the link here, anyone who want to try the DA8 with balanced headphone probably will find this relevant.

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I just received my DA8/A28 combo today. They are connected via balanced cables. The input is via USB. I installed the driver first, then the ASIO drivers. When playing ASIO, DS and WASAPI (any other than 24bit), I get a strong distortion coming from the left channel (tried swapping the cables, USB ports, reinstalling drivers). Using WASAPI with 24bit playback, right channel sounds somewhat louder. Is my DA8 faulty?

P.S, the distortion occurs with WASAPI 24bit too after changing different the outputs, however goes away after some time.

P.P.S, using DS the distortion comes and goes after switching the outputs from WASAPI 24bit to DS. The distortion is there all the time using ASIO though.

P.P.P.S, the distortion seems to be gone using DS and WASAPI (16-24 bit). I haven't touched the on screen settings for a while and let it run for more than 1 hour now. Also, I am upsampling to 96 khz, the rest still produce distortion. Should I try and buy TOSLINK or SPDIF? Can this be caused by usb interface inside the DA8?

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So the only thing that helped getting rid of that horrible distortion was upsampling to 96 kHz. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Sample rates < 96 kHz produce distortion in one of the channels.

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Did you check the voltage on the back of the devices?

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