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Mission : Defeat Zardak  

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After doing some looking around. I have came up with a headphone, that I might find to be the headphone Zardak has said to be the best headphone in the world. And you can have it for Only $45. The point of this thread is to post sub $100 headphones you believe to be "supposedly" the best sounding phones in the world . Even comparing to the Abyss set that costs $5,000( according to Zardak) . Search on, and we shall figureout this mystery of the super good under $100 headphones of the world! I believe it to be the ... drum roll plz!


RHA SA950i 


Monoprice 108323 Premium


Shure SRH 550 DJ




Now post on!

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The JVC HA-S500's biggrin.gif

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lol... a classic choice here on head-Fi :)

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He wouldn't like those anyway... Let the search continue! biggrin.gif

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LMAO. ikr... search on!!!!!!!

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Finally . Hope he gets his act goin' on here too. I really am curious but don't want to keep derailing that M50 thread. Like a trainwreck: just can't look away.


I wonder maybe a Superlux ?

Yoga ?

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yeah reason I started it. And now that hes been doing this for so long, jsut watchin us concise on what we think.. makes me not believe him and makes me want to come to the conclusion that this is fake, and he is trolling. And the fact that this is a community to share and support other audiophiles, and he is keeping it a secret but yet keeps bringing it up is disturbing and outrageous, and Im sure others agree.

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Igrado... Lolololol

iPhone ear buds...

wait... Kona audio anything.... Lolololol
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Its IPhone Earbuds! I knew it! Im buying them in bulk to sale guys. Already contacted Apple. PM me for this killer new product. Got you Zardak. Wheres your god now?

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At this point i don't care what they are I just need to know tongue.gif



Takstar/ Gemini /etc ?


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lol if your needing t know then you are caring to know lol....Zardak i know you have read this topic. Can you explain why yuo keep talking about these amazing phones, but wont tell anyone what they are? Shuoldve not said anything honestly :p

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Panasonic RP-HTF600-S?


I know I've become a bit of an emissary for this headphone (trying out a new toy will do that for you), but I just felt it needed to be added to the mix.


Of course it doesn't matter which headphone it actually is (or if it even exists)--no company would ever allow somebody (even a self-described "music producer"*) to just buy up a bunch of stock from whoever manufactures/designs their headphones. There'd be the obvious issue of IP if the design belongs to the company who placed the order with the manufacturer, and if it's just a generic design they slapped their name on they'll have sufficient leverage with the OEM to stop them selling it to everybody off the street.


This thread can serve a very useful purpose, however. Unwittingly, the Z-man has inspired us all to come together and name sub-$100 headphones we have had experience with which might be good enough to be the one in question, and that can be very valuable to somebody looking for great < $100 cans. Of course there are a few thousand other threads for that, but this one's a little different, and if it helps a single person, then it'll have been worth it.


*Who apparently hasn't heard in all the 5 bajillion years he claims to have been been producing that you don't mix on headphones ("Doh!")

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Budget phones are always something miraculous to look at, considering they are mimics excelling sub par and par with much more expensive headphones. We are here to just uncover the ripe ones in the bunch. Ill take a look at the phone you jsut listed. How does it compare to the Ultrasone 580 if paired with a E10 DAC

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I wish I could tell you. My experience with it is that its tonal balance is kind of in the same ballpark as the M50, though how far they differ I can't say since it's been ages since I owned the latter. Their main issue was a certain recession in the upper mids/lower treble, an issue I also felt the M50 suffered from.


They definitely had a vogue on this site for a while, though I think the HA-S500 might have stolen some of the thunder. I know MalVeauX liked the Panasonics a lot. We honored him over on the TMAC thread last month for the earnestness and value of his suggestions, and he has heard quite a few headphones and has access to some nice gear, so a thumbs up from MalVeauX means something is worth checking out.

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So obviusly you think it will be a smart $35 purchase for anyone looking to start up a budget phone build? And also doe sany1 have word on why the 580's went from $114 to $190 in March?

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