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DanBa, I have sent the info. Thanks!

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Hi all!


This is my first post here but i am an experienced headfier and have been reading this forum for years.


Recently i have acquired a Galaxy S4 so naturally i wanted to connect it to my DACs and the Fiio e17, was the natural portabel choice, especially having one already.


I tried every cable i had but it was not working... then i read carefully here and noticed that the OTG cable is different than standard USB cables




This difference is why some people might not be able to get the e17 to lock.


Thank you very much for the links to the cables, ordered one and waiting for it to arrive!! 

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Any solution to the problem yet. I'm having the same thing happen, but my e07k says lock when the device connects and the phone says usb connection made.

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Wired.com S4.23x,

I still don't have any solution to my problem. I've read some posts and look at some threads people have recommended but nothing seems to work for my phone. Both T Mobile and Samsung have refused to help me. so I'm still pretty much stuck without being able to use my OTG audio out feature when everyone else seems to be able to on their S4.
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Just wanted to say that this:






well, it accidentally worked one time but couldn't get it to work a second time, likely a faulty cable so I went the normal route and got this:





I'm still looking for a cable similar to the first link but haven't found a reliable one yet. It'd be awesome to find a flawless 3in M/M Mini/Micro but alas my google-fu isn't strong enough.

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Well I got the e07k to work using usb audio recorder pro. This is a plus but really wanted it work with the phone not just the app. Oh well... anyone know if  a govibe magnum+ works with the galaxy s4?

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Which external DAC works w/ the Galaxy S4? Will be using it w/ the JDS Labs C5 amp so need DAC only.

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Originally Posted by DanBa View Post


A list of standard USB DAC reportedly interworking with the Android-powered smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4:


The intermittently dyslexic (cf. moi) should note that the S4 list is the last in DanBa's extremely helpful and alphabetically multi-leveled post and appears at the bottom:



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We are fixed!


It was the obvious thing. The cable was defective. I just got two other cables from Amazon (very cheap). They both work perfectly immediately. The are both from different vendors, but they are both the exact same cable. They are different from the original in one way: the micro USB portion that plugs into the Galaxy S4 is much longer than the defective one. I don't know if that means anything, but there it is. Thanks to everyone for your help, especially DanBa who took extra time and effort to help me. Thanks!

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Can you link to the cables you got that ended up working?
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My FiiO E17 works perfectly with my Galaxy S4! I got this cable from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005GGBYJ4/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1, as well as a 32gb micro SD. I can upload pics if anyone wants. :)

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That is an awesome case for your S4. Which one is it?

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