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A few weeks ago I reported that the GS4 works with the E17, just simply plug and play with no USB audio recorder pro app required. I had tested it on wifi, and 3G, and reported that 3G was dead silent, and that wifi made some light interference with the E17. Well tonight I was sitting at home bored and decided to drive a few miles down the road where there is a 4g signal, I can finally report that the E17 is dead silent with Verizon 4G LTE on the GS4. I was a bit worried that there would be some interference from the 4G signal, but I did not hear any noise at all.   

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Originally Posted by ABRockWell View Post

No problem, below are the USB DACs I've tried:

Apex Glacier (Works if I turn off the USB charging feature)
UM PP6 (Same as above)
ALO The International (Works)
Audioquest Dragonfly (Works, but have to manually adjust volume within the mixer of the USB
Audio Recorder App)
CEntrance DB (Does not work)

Unfortunately, even those which work, only work with the USB Audio Recorder App. 


Some USB DACs don’t work without using USB Audio Recorder PRO, but they can work with USB debugging mode enabled.


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Does anyone know if the RSA Intruder works with other music apps? I've been eyeing the Intruder.
The RSA Intruder is reportedly working with the Galaxy S4 without using USB Audio Recorder PRO.
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Awesome, thanks for the links!

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Just got the Verizon S4 (i545) and well..... are the Fiio E17 and 18 the only options as far as amp supporting the USB audio? I'm still laying around with poweramp under stock 4.3 but just in case.


I guess that could work.

And I guess technically, Bump! lol

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You can always chain a small sabre DAC and an amp. But that's more cables for you.
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