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fits! no problem; )

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Looking forward to getting them...they look very well built

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Do you need a PayPal account or is the site able to process credit cards via PayPal?
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No but it makes life easier...
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Finally I received my cable(Claire HPC) for my HE-500 very nice looking good sound, I need 48h for burning in and my feed back is coming soon

Sorry English is crap


thx guysbeerchug.gif

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Got mine today! Super fast from Matthew in Poland! Cheers mate! I'll be ordering more in a couple of weeks!

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After enjoying listening beyersmile.png here is my short review:


source : Pc

Dac     : Gungnir

Amp    : Lyr

HP      : HE-500

Cable :  Forza Claire HPC

             Vincent audio interconnect



Very fast just 4 days


Great looking and feeling cable and very light


After 3 days listening, Sound is fantastic and  the great things in this cable is the 8 x 1,5mm strands its mean great bass  and full sound, wow compared to the old one I feel am in new headphone, and sound is warmth, highs are crisp not bright  .



Very good support from Matthew for helping me to buy this cable, and I will do it again soon (XLR Cable)


Highly recommended at this price

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It is 2 months since I have received my recabled with FAW Colour series ATH ES-700. I wanted to give it time to settle in. 


It was real pleasure to do business with Matt, communication was great from the beginning - his knowledge and expertise helped me making the decision. I went with the basic cable, but after receiving the headphones, seeing great craftmanship and hearing the difference I'm thinking of modding my next pair with Copper series.


I could not recommend Mathew and FAW more.

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Sv: Forza AudioWorks - The Appreciation Thread

Just ordered the LOD for my Samsung Note II + HRT Headstreamer + JH 13pro setup. Can't wait!

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Sounds good...
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Originally Posted by reiserFS View Post

How long does Matthew usually take for a cable?

Quick turn on the cables.

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Yeah - I got mine four days after shipment and I am in Taiwan!

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It's been more than two weeks for me here in Amsterdam, but any delay there is a shipping issue as Matthew got the package out the door quite quickly.  Since then it's been in the hands of the venerable Polish postal service.  :)

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I have to say its sometimes a lottery and i guess it depends if there is a place in the plane for the package. All the packages are shipped from Warsaw like 15km from the airport so its a not a long way there :)

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Well I'm a relatively patient fellow so I'll just cross my fingers and hope that it arrives soon.  :)

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