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Rollover Ads

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Hi, and sorry if this has already been addressed. I've recently experienced a number of popup-style rollover ads -- a user inadvertently mouses over a portion of an ad, and a video is launched. One was for a cosmetics firm, and the other for ABCNews. While I understand that the site needs ad revenue to continue, this kind of rollover ad is extremely intrusive and disruptive to the flow of information on the site. To the managers of the site, I would suggest working with your digital agency to specify that only ads which do not contain rollover or popup content be allowed on Head-Fi.


Thanks for your time.

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Just noticed that today myself. 

The ads seem to have become more aggressive/intrusive.

Whenever ads on a site cause me to take additional action to get rid of them, my usage of that site drops dramatically ...

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The only thing that would be better than these totally annoying rollover adds would be MORE ADDS!  


I'm assuming no mod or admin response means we can continue to enjoy video and audio pop up adds if our mouse cursor slips a few pixels in the wrong direction... The little count down timer before the big video starts is just as bad as the video starting right away since it has video and sound incorporated.


Would it be that hard for you guys to administer a fee system so that we could just be paying members without adds and you'd still get paid?(I'd happily suppoer)  Or would that totally screw up marketing the web site?

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Yeah, I have been experiencing these, read about them from the little plus sign and from what they claim if you opt in and then put a thumbs down they will remove them but they don't.

I don't know why but the ones in my region are for the local gambling corporation of British Columbia.. I HATE gambling, never done it, find it seedy and a way to rob stupid people of money so why the heck am I getting them, no matter how many thumbs down they they are and i must say this mini movie thing totally ruins my experience of being on the forum! It would not be so bad if the things were for hifi!

I have done all the things I can on my end to remove their memory of my actions but to no avail. I know the site is free and they have to do this to remain free and I am fine with that but honestly, gambling!

And one last thing, there are many kids participating on this forum, I just looked at the info they have on me, they have nothing other than location so that shows to be kids could be getting these gambling messages.. Not a good thing!
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I've been extremely annoyed with these too.  Not only do the ads play sound and take up a large portion of the browser window when rolled over, but they're almost always placed right below the bookmarks bar of a browser, which I personally use quite a lot.  The time it takes for my mouse to travel from some random topic in the forum up to the bookmarks bar usually activates these ads, playing sound.  I also find it extremely annoying that with a forum dedicated to headphones, and lots of its members probably using headphones while browsing, you'd think the administration would know  just how this affects headphone users.

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You both raise good points, but I am not sure any of the mods or admins visit this part of head-fi so we may be out of luck!
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I am peeved that this is still a problem with the site, and I will continue to post in this topic to bump it until it gets fixed.

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It is infuriating - I can sort of avoid it while on HF, but if HF is for example behind another window but the ad is still visible and the mouse scrolls over the ad- it still does it's thing.

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Yep, lets keep this active until we get some action!
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I have actually started to check the site on my iPad more as it does not support the rollover adds, it's amazing how much more I can focus on what I am reading rather than those ruddy roll overs!
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Thanks for the work around. I will give it a try. Still seems like there should be a better fix from head-if since they care about the community, right?
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One could argue that this thread has been around long enough with no response that silence can be taken as a tacit admission that they don't plan on changing this.

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I've been traveling.


All feedback is monitored, and there is special attention being paid to some of the recent ads that have been showing (and that we've received some complaints about). This feedback has been forwarded to the team that manages the ad delivery.


Because different people often see different ads, any screenshots you can PM me would be appreciated.


When I return to the office, I'll have more of a chance to follow up on this.

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Thanks for letting us know you're on it.  PMd.

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