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I heard the pro 900 in Selfridges the other day and REALLY liked their sound. However, I did find it too be too much for a long-term listen. How much more laid-back would you describe the DT-770? And would you say that it sounds dull compared to the Ultrasones?
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The DT770's are considerably more laid back than the Pro 900's, and I'd say the soundstage is wider as well. They're not as laid-back as Senn HD650's, though. I wouldn't say they sound dull because I like a laid-back sound sometimes; I feel like listening to different sounds all the time so I cover my bases with fun sounding cans like the Pro 900's along with more analytical sound signatures like my AKG K550's. If you really liked the Pro 900's and didn't find them fatiguing or unnatural sounding, I'd say go for them. Those are the two main complaints that arise with some people about them.

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Well thanks for the quick response! I think I would prefer a more laid-back can, so the Beyerdynamics look best. I tried the AKG 550 but the fit was way too loose for me and so I couldn't get a good listen. I want to know whether the Ultrasones are better for games and movies, or the Beyers. I heard Beyerdynamics are great for this, but nothing on the Ultrasones.
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I'm not sure about gaming, but I do prefer the Beyers for movies. They're a little more comfortable, and the Pro 900's make voices sound a little metallic in films.

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Cool, I'll be getting the Beyerdynamics for sure then. You and your guide has been very useful for me so thanks for all your help. I'll try and get some sort of impressions on here if I can. This thread needs more attention than it has now.
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Thanks, I very much appreciate the comments!

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Thank you very much for your review! Now I know that I will buy DT770 for my next can soon. I am just confused on the ohms now, but I'll figure out about it.
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I have only heard the 80 Ohm version, but based on others' reviews the 250 Ohm ones are more neutral and the 32 Ohm ones don't sound quite as good as the others. The 80 Ohm version that I have has a little more bass but it still fairly easy to drive. Hope that helps!

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Yes I suppose I will take the 80 ohms one, since I will have it for portability (like listening to music in airplanes) so it've to be easy to drive. I'll check on my local retailers, last time I called they are out of stock for the 80 ohms one. Currently I'm living in Indonesia which means I'm a lil bit restricted to online shopping. Makes me wonder should I buy this headphones when I'm in the US... Because I'll be there on early Jan next year. A lot of things to think about I guess, since I'm a college student I must be wise on spending, so yeah. Although brands like Takstar/Superlux is slightly cheaper here wink.gif
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