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Just got a COPs, help need

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Hello everyone.


First of all Im sorry if this is not the correct forum to post this.


I wanted to gift myself a pair of "good" headphones for Christmas, and I got the oportunity to buy the Senheisser 598 for a little less money than normaly cost (not by much, but is something).


I listen to a lot of music genres, from rock and pop to louge, but my main thing is EDM Trance music, like this




I read some reviews and I like how they say the have a good soundstage and are very clear sounding (something that can be good for Trance IMO), but Im kind of worried about the low bass (also, I cant deny I love the looks of those).


Also, I want them mainly for home use, but I would take them to long plane travels, etc...


For reference, I still have and use old Sony MDR-V100, that I dont know how good they are (I guess they're ****)


Thanks in advance  :)

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Sorry, but the 598's will be useless to you for travel...they're open back and will leak a lot of sound out.

I'd suggest that you look at closed back designs and having listened to your example track, I'd suggest the Sennheiser Amperiors, if you try the track Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia on YouTube - this sounds absolutely amazing with these. Clear and punch bass without muddying mids & highs...

I'd stress that headphones are very much a personal preference thing and you should try as many as you can first hand.
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Thanks for ther answer!


Gotta say Im not really concerned if I cant take them out. I was giving preference to open headphones because I though they would sound better at home (maybe Im wrong)


In what price range are the Amperions? I was looking for something around the 150€ range.


Sadly, theres no place near where I live where I can test some headphones, thats why Im reading reviews and asking here, want to be sure of what I buy... If I asked about those headphones are because I can get them a lil more cheap, but I wouldnt buy them if they are not apropiate for my style.

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If you're not concerned about taking them out, then In your budget the 598's will be good. The Amperiors are £259.00 in the UK, have no idea what they cost elsewhere.

Also worth asking what you're connecting the headphones into? At 50 ohms they'll run well enough with an iPod or whatever, but will give even better sound with an inexpensive amp / DAC.
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Directly to the PC, TV and MP3.


I dont have an amp, I only could afford one of those portable cheap one for 20€ but dunno if they are worth.


I've been recomended here the DT770, so I guess is between those two.


Sadly, as I said, I dont have a place to listem to them, and I have never listen to any good mid range headhphones.

The most I tried were a Beats Solo HD and they sounded a little too muddy for Trance music.

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Bump because I want to ask something.


I was almost going to get the 598, but I've been told that those CAL who are way cheaper are as good as a150€range headphone.


How they compare?

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I don't own, nor have ever auditioned the CAL! line. However, the soundstage on the 598s keep me coming back every time. Earphones fit my lifestyle, but the sound is so sweet on the Senn 598s I make room and time to listen to them almost every day. I've owned them for about a year now.

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I don't think the HD598 with satisfy a person who likes their bass. The CAL doesn't have anywhere near the soundstage of the HD598 (though it's soundstage is good for a closed can), but does have more bass. The DT770's are a sweet spot between the two.


Personally if I had to buy a headphone in that price range with those genres at the moment, I would be looking at the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro.

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DT770 was imposible for me, im gonna be unamped for some time.


I was going to get the 598, but I found a 1stock COP and went with that. I didnt even read many reviews, hope is good.

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Another deceived headfier, sorry i didnt see this thread sooner 

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What do you mean? I did choose bad?

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These are all just personal opinions so I would take them with a grain of salt. I've only ever seen the COP get good feedback and the fact that you can customize their sound without an equalizer makes them seem very versatile. If I were you I'd be pretty excited to try them. 

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Oh yeah I cant wait to try them. Im just a little uneasy cause is the first time I buy any "decent" headphone.

I'll have them this wednesday, cant wait :D

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Just received the cans.


Really quick impresions after 2 mins test: they sound good, not sure if 150€ good but better than I had surely. Bass is nice at lvl 3. Didnt notice anything wrong with vocals yet.


Atm tried them only on the PC with the onboard soundcard (tomorrow I will receive a Xonar DGX). They sound a little... low I think. I have max volume and I would still need a little more power.


I left them with music for them to open, will test more in a couple of hours :)

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Update after two hour of using. Volume got a little better, i think.


First the bad: the song I used as a sample in the first post sounds pretty bad. With the echoed melody, it sounds strange, even sometimes skipping the sound of the melody for a brief time.


All in all high melodic trance music sounds weird. The melody is too distant and the sounds of it cant be apreciated. All of it makes the melody parts a little messy.


Also, I cant use them in my new Sansa Clip+, dunno what happens but the music just skips.


The good, I tried them with no EDM music, like Black and White America of Lenny Kravitz, Late Night Alumni, some hip hop.... and I had a lot of fun. I like what the bass adds on them, and didnt had problems with vocals hidding. Huge improvement here.


Obviously bassy non melodic EDM sounds good.


At the end, the style I though it would sound the best is the worst, and viceversa. Strange..


Im worried about the Sansa thing, if someone know whats the problem Ill apreciate it.

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