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Lets Talk About the FA-005

Fischer Audio are easily one of my favourite brands in this hobby. Not really because they have made my favourite headphone but i love so many of there products and one of them finally allowed me to see how good IEMs could get (DBA-02). I am doing a few things for Fischer currently and this involved me getting sent one hell of a batch of products but i will not get gory into that and probably can not disclose why i have the headphones. I will say they are not for review but since they are in my possession i thought i would make some videos on them and do a few little things. One of the products that i received was a new headphone from their Master Series, the FA-005 and i have yet to see any information regarding this product. I thought i would share some feelings about it and done a little video to help me put this all across.


In case you cannot access the video i thought i would just say a few things on the topic. This headphone is like most Fischer stuff, cheap but comes with one awesome package, tons of accessories and that awesome storage case that i think is an improvement on the last one.For £80 with all the stuff you get and these being a solid headphone i think these are great for a solid starter headphone.


Sound however is not going to blow minds or punch to far out of its price range. It is of course bass heavy being a DJ headphone and it just lacks any real wow factors are greatness in the slightly recessed mids. They are still always present and hearable. The highs are really quite nice but lack just a bit of extension to be amazing as they are noticeably rolled off. Soundstage is just out your head, as per usual of a closed headphone but better than other on ears like M-80 and HD25 here. I have being a complete critique here and this analysis would be the same if they were £10 or £10000 so i think for £80 they do sound quite good, yes there are better sounding for the price but are there better packages, i do not know. I think another solid offering from Fischer.